What's Going On In My Life?

It's pretty obvious that I haven't posted much this month–– besides a recap of last year and sharing my goals for 2018, it's been pretty silent. This is because I decided to post less about fashion and more of what actually interests me right now, and well, I'm still trying to figure out what I am passionate about at the moment. Earlier this month at my company retreat, we had a purpose session in which we took the day to dive into our pasts and what they mean for the future. After basically spending the day in therapy with my coworkers (that's what it felt like–– free therapy), I came to the realization that part of my purpose is to always be creating new things and exploring new ideas. I'm the kind of person that always needs to be working on something fun and new to be excited–– at one point in my life, it was tennis, then blogging/photography, then going to Africa and taking major risks, and now I'm trying to figure out what is next!

One of the things I am dedicating my time to right now is being healthier and getting in shape. I've been doing pretty well so far. Since December 25, I have worked out almost every single day, only missing 4 days, one being today because I'm starting to get a cold and I don't wanna push it (I seriously get sick so easily). Missing only 4 days within almost a month? I'll take it. I have also been cooking almost every single meal for myself, and I have been eating salads for lunch (Sweetgreen's Rad Thai salad is lit) instead of just snacking on trail mix, cookies, and chips at work. Ok, enough about that! Here are some other things that have been happening lately!

  1. I got a MoviePass card. I have been wanting to watch more movies because I am usually so out of the loop when it comes to them. I just saw I, Tonya the other day, and I am dying to see Lady Bird next. Do you guys have any other movie suggestions?
  2. I took outfit photos. Well, Kate took outfit photos for me. I had brunch with both Kate and Caroline this weekend and had no intention of taking photos. I left my camera behind on purpose and went with the intention of gorging on brunch and catching up/chatting with both of them, but Kate snapped these of me and I actually like them! Kate was also kind enough to let me borrow her glasses since I had the usual bags under my eyes and hadn't washed my hair since my run the day before. She's the real MVP.
  3. I found the cutest stuff at Lululemon this weekend. Align leggings are my new favorite things in the world, and I love this cropped tank and this tank as well. I also got these leggings in the color "jet stream" and this top. For about 8 months, I did not shop at Lululemon because I was not sure it was worth the money. Now that I went back, I cannot believe I went that long without making a purchase!
  4. I've had the best time with friends lately. Over the past few weeks, I have gotten to catch up with friends I haven't seen in awhile and it has been so lovely. You know those friends you have that you don't see for months at a time and you don't necessarily talk all of the time but when you see each other again, you pick back up like nothing ever happened? I value friendships like that so much–– at this point in my life, everyone I know including myself is so busy so it's hard to stay connected all the time! 
  5. I am addicted to Plated. I love the idea of meal kits, and I am forcing myself to also explore Blue Apron and HelloFresh. My roommates have tried the others, so we can all send each other free boxes. It's so fun to learn new recipes, and it's amazing to have it all delivered to my door so I don't have to go grocery shopping after work. Somehow, the courier lost my box yesterday, and I was DEVASTATED–– I have to grocery shop tomorrow after living off of frozen dumplings and zucchini fries I found in the back of my freezer. I contacted Plated's customer support though, and those guys took care of me! Once I try all of the subscription services, I am going to do a master post on what I liked and disliked about them all! I am getting my first Blue Apron box Thursday, and I have to say that Plated has an advantage over the number of meals they let you choose from.
  6. I found the shearling bag I am sporting above for under $70 at Madewell the other day. It's completely sold out online, but it's worth looking in the store sale section for it! I love that Madewell usually lets you put your student discount on top of their sale discounts (and yes, I still use my student ID for discounts thank you very much). 
  7. IT WAS SO PRETTY OUT THIS WEEKEND. It was 50 and sunny, which is heaven up here. People were eating ice cream and wearing short-sleeved shirts, and I spent all of Saturday wandering around flatiron while letting the sun beam down on me. Yesterday, I ran all the way from 28th Street to Brooklyn Bridge on the East River Greenway. I was freezing by the end and had to subway back, but the fresh air and vitamin D was worth it.
  8. You guys. Pressed Juicery freezes. They are so amazing, I cannot. If you have a Pressed Juicery near you, please do yourself a favor and try one of the freezes. They basically make their juices into dairy-free ice cream! I had the strawberry flavored freeze with melted cacao chips and real strawberries post-run and I was squealing from delight. They were out of chocolate and vanilla, but I cannot wait to try those–– I am so amazed that their vanilla flavor is only made of dates, almonds, sea salt, and vanilla!
  9. I have practically given up alcohol for the most part. Besides the occasional drinks on the weekend, I don't really feel the need to drink anymore–– I have realized that I can have just as much fun sober. My new rule is no drinking during the week unless it's a very special occasion, and on the weekend, only 2 drinks a night if any. It's working out rather well–– no more hangovers and feeling terrible the next day!
  10. Since starting a job in the food industry, I have come to appreciate food and cooking so much more. I have also tried so many new foods, and I am not as selective as I used to be! I'll put the hottest hot sauce on almost everything, I can whip up teriyaki sauce from scratch, and the other day, I had parsnip for the first time–– I would have never thought to try it, but it's so good when you roast it alongside carrots! Does this make me sound three years old? It probably makes me sound three years old.



  1. I love how real you are Isabella, always love reading your new posts!

  2. All the Money in the World is a great movie. The acting is amazing but it's not super suspenseful. It has Mark Wahlberg and Michelle Williams in it!

  3. I have the same view on alcohol right now. I don't want to be dependent on it and thinking of all those empty calories makes cutting back an easy decision!