My Favorite Clothing/Shoe Purchases of 2017

I think it has become pretty obvious that I am posting less about fashion and outfits on here, but I did want to share my favorite purchases of 2017–– all of these are pieces I truly loved and got a ton of wear out of this year! Some may be sold out or unavailable so I have done my best to link similar products. I made sure I didn't list anything that wasn't 100% loved and approved by me!

My chevalier jacket–– this lightweight "blazer-like" jacket made for some great outfits, and it was a staple piece I am glad I purchased. Although it was over $200, I know I will get loads of wear out of it!

My checked blazer–– this was a super inexpensive find at Bershka, but I cannot seem to find it anymore so here's a similar one. I look forward to wearing this again when it warms up a little, especially with a turtleneck thrown under it!

The jeans I am wearing with my checked blazer–– Funny story... I wore these to work today and one of my coworkers was wearing them as well. Actually, a few of the girls I work with have this exact same pair (we have a very Madewell-loving office). Then, I popped into the MZ Wallace store to look at totes and the cashier had them on too! They are the only jeans that have ever made me look like I have an ass in a good way, and they look wonderful with a black bodysuit or a tee tucked in.

My Sam Edelman loafers–– I got these because there was no way in hell I was paying for Gucci loafers, and I fell in love with how comfortable they are! I was not expecting much, but they are an absolute wardrobe staple while being comfortable for all of the walking I do on a daily basis.

My white overalls–– This sounds silly, but these things got me through the summer. I bought them on a whim when they were final sale, and they are the only pair of overall shorts that have ever looked good on me. They are unfortunately not available anymore, but I have linked similar ones!

These Mother jeans–– These definitely are not available anymore, but I am dying to get my hands on the ripped version they are now selling. These jeans fit me just right and are the most flattering cut. I picked these up in California earlier in the year, and they were a major spring/summer staple.

My Club Monaco tie-front dress–– this was great to wear to work in the summer. It was lightweight, fit just right, and never stretched out. Since I purchased this way back in June, it's no longer available and I have not been able to find a similar modest version, so the one I linked has a cutout. It would still be cute in the summer if you have a beach vacation planned for 2018!

My Gucci Purse–– I got this on sale through a friend, and although I probably spent too much on this for how little I use it (at least I realize this now), it still makes outfits pop and is perfect for going out (although I don't really go out much anymore––cheers to getting older).

My Dolce Vita black booties–– these elongate my legs, and although they are on the taller side, I can wear them all day and night without any pain at all! They are also on major sale right now.

Spanx leather leggings–– There's a reason these are so popular. They are so flattering, suck you in perfectly, and are great for day and night. Bloggers everywhere love them, but I was not convinced until I tried them on in a store. I can even wear them to work!

What were some of your favorite purchases this year? I am always looking for tried and true staple piece recommendations, so please let me know if you have any–– especially jeans because I really need to refresh that portion of my wardrobe!


  1. I'd love to get a pair of overalls, but I don't know how to style them. They always look so cute on everyone who wears them.

    1. I felt the same way for the longest time! Honestly they stand out so much on their own that they work over any basic tee with cute sneakers!

  2. where are the shoes you are wearing in the white overalls picture from??