2017 Recap in Photos/Video

I meant to share this last week before 2018 officially started, but I was busy hanging with friends and family so posting got put on the backburner for awhile.

This past year has been the most amazing year of my life. It had its fair shares of ups and downs, but I went on so many incredible journeys and met so many amazing people. This was the year I decided to spend more on experiences rather than just things–– I would rather travel the world and meet new people than buy a new purse that will inevitably go out of style in a few years. I took over 30 flights this year, and I definitely checked some things off of my bucket list. Instead of just talking my way through what I did this year, I've decided to share my favorite photos with you guys!

The Grand Canyon/Las Vegas/Red Rocks:
For spring break, I went to Nevada with my best friend, Ashley. Although a majority of our time was spent by the pool and on the Strip, we definitely took a few days to get out and explore nature. I had been to the Grand Canyon before but had wanted to go back with a friend. It was such a fun trip, and Ash was a trooper for dealing with my bronchitis and incessant coughing and hacking. She was also a trooper when her wallet was stolen in a nightclub.

I Graduated
I graduated from Rollins College with a degree in Political Science! The three years I spent at Rollins were the three best years of my life, and although I was relieved to be done with the tests and homework, I was truly sad to part ways with my college life. I met so many great friends there, and I've already been back to visit once!

I climbed Mt. Kilimanjaro went on a 4-day camping safari, met amazing friends, and did some amazing volunteer work in Tanzania. On the way there, I missed my flight and magically got to explore Istanbul, Turkey with a majority of my group that also missed the flight.

June was the best month of my life because I spent it halfway across the world in Tanzania. I went on a field study with Rollins after graduation (yes, they let you do that) to volunteer and assist with community development–– I built toilets and new housing for school teachers and met some amazing people along the way. Some of us headed to Tanzania early to climb Mt. Kilimanjaro. I was the only female in our group to reach the summit (hardest day of my life), and it was the most amazing feeling literally being on top of the world. I still regularly talk to the group I climbed with and even got drinks with them when I visited Rollins in November! I also went to Paris recently to visit one of my climbing buddies, Rachel (more on that later).

I got my first "job" over the summer in Savannah
I would not even really call this a first job because it was just part-time while I was figuring out where I wanted to move, but previous to that, I had only worked for myself doing the blog and for my dad in his office. I screwed myself over in college by never doing "real" internships, so I had never had real experience before. Luckily, I walked in Michael Kors one day and they offered me a job, and it was perfect for passing time in July and August. I ended up becoming best friends with my boss, and I even rang in 2018 with her!

I moved to NYC
I did this completely impulsively, without a job or anything. I knew I wanted to get the hell out of the south, and originally I wanted to go west, but ultimately decided to stay on the east coast because it was closer to all of the people I love. I will eventually move west (I swear), but for now, I am so happy with where I am and the job I have working for a natural food company in SoHo!

I went to a polo match
This was the first time I was given tickets to an event for free (thanks to my blog), and it was so much fun. My friends tagged along, and we had a blast. They had a VIP area for bloggers to enter and eat/drink for free, but I was having so much fun with them that I didn't wanna leave them to check it out.

I explored new states and places up north
I explored Connecticut and Pennsylvania with Marlee this fall and had a blast. I finally went apple picking, and I also visited Yale and had the BEST time exploring Philadelphia with her. I'm so glad we got to be close friends and share so many fun memories.

I went to Paris to visit Rachel
Rachel is one of those chill people that is so easy to be around. Although we both went to Rollins together, we never really crossed paths in college. We really got to know each other on the field study trip to Tanzania, and we were roommates there practically the whole time. I remember when she first told me that she was studying abroad in Paris this summer and I jokingly told her I was coming to visit. Then one day, I figured why the hell not and booked the trip only a few weeks before I planned on going. I spent a long weekend there (you guys probably think I'm crazy now) I ended up having a blast there!

So yeah, that was my year. It was filled with impulsive travel (deciding to go to Tanzania A MONTH before leaving and climbing Kilimanjaro with zero training and booking Paris a few weeks before the trip) and some silly decisions (spending 8 days in Vegas is far too long, but Ash and I still had a blast–– our livers are still recovering). I'm glad I traveled so much this year because now that I have a job, I will probably be limited in how much I can go to random places at the drop of a hat. I do already have a trip with Ashley's family planned for May, which I am super, super excited about.

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