My Desire to Get Physically and Mentally in Shape in 2018

I would like to preface this post by saying that my goal is not at all to lose weight–– I am 110% happy with how much I weigh and have no desire to change that. I just want to start eating better and get stronger physically and mentally. I would also like to become more toned and lower my body fat percentage. I realize that all of these goals are within reach as long as I get into a good routine, which is my goal for 2018!


Growing up, I could eat whatever I wanted and I was skinny as a rail. I was pretty athletic–– I played varsity tennis throughout high school, and although I would legitimately eat cheeseburgers before practice, I was still a size 00 until I was 16–– totally 100% genetics. I could probably eat 3,000 calories a day and get away with it, even during the tennis offseason when I was not really practicing. People on the tennis team used to make fun of me and tell me to eat a sandwich because I was that skinny. I also didn't go through puberty until 16 years old, which didn't help. Although I was small, I ate like garbage. I would have a diet coke and cake for breakfast, skip lunch at school, have a terribly unhealthy snack before tennis, and then eat dinner. I appeared to be physically okay, but I now understand why I had terrible acne all throughout my teen years!


When I went to college, I gained a little weight as I stopped working out every day. I maintained my weight freshman year, but when I transferred to Rollins sophomore year, made friends, and started going out more, my body started changing. It wasn't necessarily a bad change, but I definitely felt different. I was tired more often, didn't exercise as often, and when I did fall into cycles of exercising, they only lasted a few months and then I would miss one workout which would lead to me stopping completely. I'm the type of person that gets derailed pretty easily, so if I want to commit to something, I have to be ALL IN.

I have tried a ton of workouts in the past 5 years and although I'm getting close to a schedule that works for me, I am still not there yet. I tried OrangeTheory when I was at Rollins and liked it, but I am now realizing that the reason I got burned out on it so quickly is that I went from not working out at all to doing serious HIIT training 4x a week. I could barely run half a mile and they had me booking it on the treadmill at 7.5mph. Not what I needed at all. I also tried barre when I was in college, but I missed one class and then never went back. I am the worst. Oddly enough, the point in my life when I was the healthiest and feeling the best was this past spring–– I wasn't pushing myself like crazy when working out, but simply going on a 5-mile walk/jog every day after I was done with class. I lost about 5 lbs in a month! I felt and slept better at night, but I still wasn't eating right and still had days where I felt like total shit.


I've now graduated, moved to NYC, and started a job at a natural food company, and while it is a company with a much healthier culture, it's hard to resist snacking in the office because food is ALWAYS around–– catered lunches every Wednesday (including pizza and Chinese food), photoshoots with delicious food props, every potato chip flavor imaginable in the cabinet, barkTHINS, an entire ice cream freezer filled with Ben & Jerry's–– you guys, it's tough because temptation is lurking everywhere. I'm also in charge of ordering the snacks and setting up catering, which does not help at all because I have total control of what is coming through the office doors (the pressure–– epecially since everyone has requests and opinions on what I should get). I stopped packing my own healthy lunches and started eating popcorn and chips and peanut butter and pretzels for lunch because it was convenient and I was lazy. For a while, I was skipping breakfast to attempt intermittent fasting and by 10:00am, I would be so hangry that I would devour everything in sight just to stave off being a total bitch.

On top of that, moving to the city puts a food spell on you–– there are amazing restaurants on every corner, and you have this innate feeling that you have to try everything at the menu all at once, so you end up majorly binging and feeling like crap the next day.

Since moving to NYC, I have tried Barry's Bootcamp (OrangeTheory on steroids; thankfully I was way more in shape when giving it a go), countless spin classes, and barre classes. At first, I kind of just tried everything and didn't know what I was looking for and I would struggle to get through classes because they were not for me and I would not be mentally checked in. It takes awhile to find a class that you really click with, and thankfully I have found two–– Swerve Cycling and Physique 57 barre classes. I found Swerve on ClassPass and the first class I took there was instructed by Todd. I legitimately fell in love with his teaching style/energy and will only go to him now (unless it's a spin emergency and his classes don't fit in my schedule; then I will go to Flywheel), and he recently started teaching barre classes at Physique 57 too. I've only taken one of his barre classes and I am already hooked! I really trust him and always feel my best after leaving a class taught by him. He honestly motivates me so much, and I always want to give 120% when I am in one of his classes. 


I definitely feel stronger since I have started taking Todd's classes, but I am still desiring more. I want to have a cleaner diet, practice mindfulness, get toned, and just get myself in check this year. I'm turning 23 years old, and while that seems super young, how I treat my body in the present is a foundation for how healthy and fit I will be in the future. I owe it to myself to make these changes now. Right now, focusing on working out and lifestyle changes makes me happy, and because of that, I will probably decrease how much I post about outfits and clothing–– it's easy to get wrapped up in this stuff, especially when you have been a fashion blogger for over 3 years. It's hard to know when to slow down with it and redefine what you want your priorities to be, especially when you're making good money posting about the latest trends, even when you don't honestly give a shit about them anymore. I will still post outfits from time to time, I promise, but there will definitely be new posts in the mix. 

In the past, I have refused to make New Year's goals because I didn't believe in them and I believed the specificity of them would lead me to abandon them altogether. Now, I am realizing that I need specificity so the goals I am aiming for are defined and not ambiguous. My goals are as follows:
  • Start every month by coming up with goals for the month–– goals that I have in January may be well completed by March, and I might need to readjust my path as needed! For example, if I decide one month that I want to do 10 pull ups, I might knock that goal out and then want to up it to 20 the next month. We as humans change a ton, so our goals should change too!
  • For January, I want to work out 4-5 times a week, try a new workout class, and delve into the world of meal prep! 
  • I also want to be more mindful of how I feel and check in with myself at the end of each week to see how I am doing overall. How is my happiness? Am I feeling physically/mentally stronger? Is something getting in the way of me completing a goal? How can I fix this and get rid of the obstacle?


I have it all planned out in my head–– I'm 90% sure I know how I want to achieve these things, but the one thing bumming me out about it is the freezing cold weather I'm going back to in NYC (I'm currently in Savannah for the holidays writing this). It is going to be freakishly hard to walk to Swerve Cycling to do a spin class in below freezing temps when it is a mile away from my apartment (it takes longer by Subway). I will probably have to literally drag myself out of spin class to get home because walking in the cold is the worst when you're sweaty. I want to get up in the mornings and crush workouts in my apartment gym, but it's hard to be motivated when it's pitch black out. Grocery shopping in NYC is painful as it is–– checkout lines after work are usually 30 minutes long, but trudging to the store and back in the snow is even worse. I have to learn how to knock out these obstacles and overcome them so I can be the best I can be!


I am the type of person that needs constant motivation and accountability in some form, so for Christmas, I asked for an Apple watch. I wanted to use it to track workouts, and so far, I have worked out every single day since my mom and dad got it for me (even on Christmas)! I love how the watch allows you to share your activity levels with your friends, as this adds a friendly yet competitive element to it–– I love seeing my friends crush their workouts, and it inspires me to do the same. If they can get off the couch, so can I! It might sound silly that buying a watch could lead to me reaching my goals, but it makes the whole process more fun to me and that's what matters. Getting fit should not feel like a chore, it should be desirable!

Another thing that is majorly helping me out so far is knowing that I am going on a trip with my friend Ashley to the Bahamas in May–– vacations are always major motivation to me because it's always nice to not only look your best but also feel your best when on vacation. It's much easier to relax and have fun when you feel like a million bucks. I haven't been on a beach vacation in awhile, and Ashley has actually never been to an island (her family is a huge "ski-trip" family). We keep sending each other BFF workouts we want to try when we get there, and cute workout gear/swimsuits we want to wear in the island sun. I am also planning to visit Rollins for Alumni week in March the weekend before my birthday, and I would love to feel my best for that too!


A ton of you have reached out to me since I announced on Instagram that I wanted to shift to lifestyle posting in 2018, and many of you want to join me in making positive health changes–– a surprising amount of followers suggested that I come up with my own challenge for us to all do together so we can hold each other accountable. I am not sure what that would look like, but if anyone has any suggestions, let me know! Maybe we can come up with our own hashtag to post Instagram inspiration under or something–– is that silly? 

Also, a ton of you guys wanted me to do an Apple watch review specifically for its health/fitness features, so if that's something you are interested in seeing, let me know! I've never really focused on lifestyle posting before, so if you have any topics or post ideas you'd like me to attempt to write about, suggestions are welcome! 

2018 is our year!

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  1. Thanks for sharing this piece of your life with us! I would love to see a review of the Apple Watch!