Outfits I've Worn to Work So Far

This post has been highly requested–– I think a lot of you are looking for some business casual outfit inspiration to help you figure out what to wear to your own jobs, and I hope this helps! As you can see, my office is very casual. On most days, especially since it has been colder, I have opted to wear some combo of jeans/sneakers/a sweater or light jacket. It has been super hard for me to take these photos, as it gets light relatively later and gets dark much earlier since it's getting later in the year. I had many more outfit photos that were practically unusable because of the weird outside lighting and the fact that I'm backlit by the lamp behind me on my nightstand.

I want to do one of these posts every other month to keep showing you guys my work style! I think they are fun, and it shows you guys the outfits I actually wear on a day-to-day basis (instead of the outfits I put together solely for the blog).  Let me know what you guys think of posts like these! It's hard for me to remember to take pics every morning, so I need to find a good reminder system to force myself to do so! :)

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