November Favorites

Wow, I have managed to keep a blog series going for 2 months! At the end of last month, I posted my October favorites, and today, I want to share the things I have fallen in love with this month. There are so many interesting/lovely things I have come across, whether it be a new book or an insightful article. I also have a few new clothing favorites, and I want to share my long-time beauty favorites with you that I re-fell in love with this month.

Favorite book this month: The Woman in Cabin 10
I read this on the flight home for Thanksgiving and I really liked it because it was a thrilling, easy read and it was one of those novels you don't put down start to finish because you're so drawn in.

Favorite blog post this month: "First Job Advice," Carly the Prepster
Well, this post was not published this month, but it is one that I really wanted to share with you guys because all of Carly's points are so true. A ton of you guys have been asking me for first job advice, especially since I started my job at the beginning of October, and every time someone emails me to ask, I point them in the direction of this post. Carly has always given great advice on her blog, which is why it will always be one of my favorites that I check weekly. She is like a big sister! One of the biggest things from her post that I want to reiterate is that in your first job, nothing is beneath you. Do everything you can to show that you're there to work hard and prove yourself–– it shows you really appreciate the job you have. Also, find a work buddy. I found mine, and she's as obsessed with chocolate chip cookies and the TV show Riverdale as I am. It'll make your day that much better!

My current Spotify playlist: Fall 2017 (best when shuffled)

Favorite shoes/clothing purchases:

Favorite hair/beauty products:

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