New York City Room Update

One of my favorite things about living in this city is being able to come home after a long day of work to my cozy room. In my last apartment, I had bright gallery walls and chaoticness in a way that made me never feel truly relaxed and calm in my own space. This time around, I decided to stick to a muted color palette and cozy materials (my favorite cotton sheets, a linen duvet cover, and velvet pillow). Having a linen duvet means it's always wrinkled, but it's seriously so comfortable that I don't care. I also love that most apartments in NYC come with hardwood or laminate floors–– I hate carpet, and I love having the choice of putting down whatever rug I want. Since my room is super rectangular and rather small, it was hard to take wide-angle photos of the space.

I tried to link to the products that I thought would be the most popular, but if you want to know where anything else is from let me know. I also explained where certain things are from and provided more detail in the video so I would recommend watching that before asking questions! My storage bed is from Ikea but for some reason, it won't link. I managed to decorate this room while spending as little money as possible. I think the most expensive thing was my mattress, which I got from here. My full mattress was only $625 and for being one of those mattresses that comes in a box, it's so so comfortable. I think it's better than the Casper mattresses!! My actual storage bed frame cost less, and my nightstand was under $200!

I am not done with decorating my room, so this probably won't be my final post–– I still want to find a colorful art piece to hang behind my TV, and I think some details could be added here and there. I wanted to go ahead and share photos of it anyway because I am not sure what the timeline of me being fully done is–– working 10 hours almost every day leaves little time to design!