Fall in Philly

I love taking quick weekend trips. Lately, they have been my go-to, as they are such a nice way to escape the city and see new places. I never really thought I'd ever end up visiting Philadelphia, but I ended up spontaneously going with my friend Marlee–– her sister lives there, so we figured a quick trip couldn't hurt! I am so glad we went. It was one of the most fun weekends I have had in awhile, and I was blown away by how much I liked the city. Philly has such charm to it. The food was great, the bar scene was outstanding (seriously, why is everyone so happy and nice at bars let me know), and the art murals everywhere were another nice little touch.

In all honesty, I did a terrible job packing for the weekend. I didn't bring any walking shoes (common sense: if you're going to be in a city for the love of god bring tennis shoes people) and I forgot a jacket. This can be attributed to the fact that I packed 15 minutes before I left for Grand Central... I know, I am a moron. Other than my stupid mistakes, I am really glad I packed my new turtleneck sweater from Free People. If you know me, you know I'll wear any version of white/cream during the winter. I actually prefer wearing those colors during colder months rather than warm months because whites and creams aren't dark and depressing. It's like a little pop of happy to an otherwise dreary, cold day. I finished off the rather simple look with my gray Stuart Weitzman boots and my new Rebecca Minkoff purse that I scored at a sample sale for under $100. You know I love a good deal, and NYC sample sales are so hard to resist!



  1. Your sweater is amazing. I always love waffle knit shirts. They look so cozy.


    1. This one is a definite new fave for me. It's super comfortable!