And I'm Home

I had been counting down the days until I got to come home for Thanksgiving, and I'm so glad I am finally in Savannah. It's nice to have a relaxing couple of days away from New York City because it's the perfect opportunity to recharge and refresh. My parents also just moved out of my childhood home into a new home, so it's also been nice to get a complete change of scenery but at the same time, it's been kind of weird. I had the same bedroom my whole life and now my walls are a different color, but I keep reminding myself that change is good.

Speaking of change, can we talk about how good J. Crew's new arrivals are? I hadn't purchased anything from J. Crew in over a year, but their new sweaters and turtleneck tees are amazing and comfortable and appropriately priced. I picked up this turtleneck sweater in both gray and black and they were 40% off. The sale is still going on through November 26, so I definitely suggest that you check it out!

Lastly, a ton of you have been asking about these jeans. You guys, they are like 5 years old and they are from J Brand and I cannot find a similar pair anywhere. They have ripped even more over the years, and I really wish I could find them because I would love to replace them with a fresh pair. #helpme but really if anyone can find them in this wash I will love you forever.



  1. Walls in childhood house were painted atleast
    Lemme see
    First yellow
    Then pale purple
    Next bright orange & pink
    Then cream color
    And last dark blue
    Lets keep your adulthood walls
    As is...❤️