5 Tips on Shooting Outfit Photos With An iPhone

I had the most wonderful time in Philly this weekend! This is one of my favorite outfits I've shot in a long time, and I shot it all on my iPhone–– total proof that you don't have to splurge on a fancy camera to take outfit pics if you're an aspiring blogger. Usually, when I post outfits, I blab on and on about why I love each piece. Today is going to be different–– I'm gonna give you my top 5 tips on how to shoot great iPhone photos.

I don't always elect to take photos with my camera because it honestly is a pain to lug around, especially when I am exploring a new place. iPhone cameras are amazing–– they fit right in your pocket which is perfect for spontaneous shoots during weekend trips. Technology continues to blow me away more and more each day, I swear. I didn't even plan on shooting this outfit really, but we loved this blue garage door and thought it was the perfect backdrop for what I was wearing.

I also like shooting with my phone because photos come out less posed/serious. They are also more popular with followers/readers because they are more relatable than professional photos. I could keep going and going, but here are those 5 tips I promised!

  1. Work with the light. Shoot using natural light instead of a flash. The best time of day to shoot is golden hour–– I love shooting during this time of day, but it's hard for me to do so because I have work. When I'm shooting during other parts of the day, I try to take photos out of direct sunlight. Partly cloudy days are great for shooting as well. All of these were taken on an overcast day and they turned out ok!
  2. If you have portrait mode on your iPhone, use it, even though it might take practice to get down. I wouldn't say it's as good at creating a look of low depth of field as my Canon camera is, but for a phone, it does a pretty excellent job. I use portrait mode for close-ups/shots of my torso and up. The third photo in this post was taken with portrait mode!
  3. Shoot from a low angle. This will make you look taller and leaner! Legs for days.
  4. Adjust exposure and focus as needed. Tons of people do not realize that you can adjust the exposure while shooting on an iPhone. You can read more about how to here.
  5. Use live photo to your advantage. Live photo is one of my favorite iPhone features–– I honestly think it's so underrated. I shoot with this setting on because you can choose what frame you want to make the main photo. It's nice because sometimes I like the candidness in other frames rather than what picture the camera would have captured with live photo turned off.



  1. This was so helpful! I'm definitely trying all these tips out!


  2. This post makes me so happy (I know that sounds weird)! I'm trying to blog, but I often feel very insecure when I read successful blogs like yours and others because I struggle to find someone to take photos of me and to buy a brand new nice camera for my outfit posts. This makes me feel more confident that I can start now with just my iPhone then buy a camera when I can afford it. Thank you so much! I love you & your blog & your life in NYC!