2017 Holiday Gift Guide: For The Fitness Fanatic

Can you guys tell that I'm excited that the holidays are approaching? Usually, I delay putting together gift guides until the last minute, so I'm proud that this is the second one I've gotten up in the past week. I decided to make this one fitness oriented because I've been doing a lot of working out lately, and a lot of you guys have been interested in my workouts. Fitness themed gifts are fun and honestly perfect for anyone because athleisure is currently a huge trend, even if you aren't super dedicated to spin classes and marathon running.

When putting this list together, I chose some things I already own–– the Patagonia jacket has been my lifesaver the past few weeks and I totally recommend it! Others are on my wishlist (looking at you, Apple watch that I've been chickening out of buying because I love my current watch so much). Also, how sporty chic is that MZ Wallace tote? It seems like every single girl in Manhattan has one. I have not pulled the trigger on one yet because I usually come home from work and change before heading to the gym, but if I switch my routine as it gets colder out, I might have to cave and get one!



  1. I've been working out a lot lately too. I need a new pair of leggings to help combat the cold weather. I love the pair you picked out.


  2. I love them too! I have heard they rival lululemon's leggings and I love that they are much cheaper!