Pickin' Apples

Having grown up in Savannah nowhere near apple orchards, I had never picked apples in my life until last weekend. It was always on my bucket list of things to do since it looked like fun, and I am so glad I went to Silverman Farms in Connecticut with my friend Marlee last weekend to do so! It was super busy (I seriously did not know how popular of an activity it was until I saw the farm) but I am glad we braved the lines. The air was crisp, so I wore my new Madewell jeans, scarf, and sweater and paired it with my old J. Crew field jacket and Tory Burch booties.

I wish I had more time to fully enjoy the farm and eat their fresh apple pies, but I had to head back into the city to get prepared to start my new job! I love it so far. I am truly so happy here in New York, and a few months ago I could have never imagined all of these positive changes happening.



  1. I love your sweater. All the colors in it are amazing. I want it, but it's sold out in my size. Have you seen anything like it?


  2. I've always wanted to go apple picking! I love those jeans so much, I have to go into a Madewell store and get them!!

    Kendal // Life With Kendal