October Favorites

October is almost over, and I wanted to take a moment and share my favorite things/products from this month! I have never done a post in this format before, which is quite a shocker because these kind of posts are fun to read and always popular. Like I said in my "On Rebranding" post, I want to share with you guys more about myself and what I love. I've tried to include beauty and fashion elements and also things I have enjoyed seeing/doing over the past month. If you enjoy this kind of post, please let me know so I can continue them!

#1: My job
I don't want to talk too much about my job on here because I think it's important to set boundaries and not overshare my personal life (it's nice having things I can keep to myself and within my inner circle) but I love where I work so much. I won't say exactly where I am working, but it's a company that falls into the natural food realm, which means I get #freefood a lot and there's even a huge Ben & Jerry's ice cream freezer like 30 feet away from my desk (which is why I am going to Swerve as much as I am). It's so nice working for a small company in SoHo, and I genuinely love all of the people I work with. It's nice being a part of the real world!

#2: Dr. Weil for Origins Products

I'm not the biggest skincare guru/junkie in the world, but I was introduced to this line at an Origins event I was invited to (photo above was taken at the event, and I realize it is terrible) and I am so hooked. I was gifted the soothing treatment lotion, skin relief face serum, and the face mask. This is not sponsored at all, but the Mega Mushroom Skin Relief line has changed the texture of my skin within a week. My favorite is the serum, but the mask is decadent too. I also love the smell! This is now my newest skincare routine, and I feel like I would definitely purchase any of the products. They also had the candle below burning in the bathroom at the event, and I liked it so much that I immediately purchased it online when I got home. On another note, one of my favorite bloggers, Carly, was at the event. I didn't get the chance to talk to her because I didn't want to interrupt the conversation she was having with someone else, but her outfit was so cute!

#3: Bershka

One of the perks of living in NYC is that when stores have pop-ups, they are usually super close by. If you haven't heard, Bershka is Zara's "sister store" with slightly more affordable prices. I was hesitant to drop by the pop-up location (in SoHo until the end of the year) because I thought that the quality would be lower, but I ended up purchasing this blazer, and my roommate even got the same one! I had been wanting a checked blazer for a while, and at $50, it was such a steal! The quality is pretty good too.

#4: Swerve Cycling
I am addicted to attending Swerve classes. I simply cannot get over the class format–– you get put on teams and you race against each other, but it's not overly competitive! It's almost like playing a game while getting a killer exercise in. My favorite instructor is Todd, but literally everyone that teaches at the studio is amazing.

#5: Sample Sales
Sample sales are literally one of my favorite parts of living here. Last week, I went to the Rebecca Minkoff sample sale and got the gray suede bag that happens to be in the photo above. It was only $100–– what a steal! I also went to the Rent The Runway sample sale last month and got a Rachel Zoe dress that was originally over $600 for only $85 and Mara Hoffman pants for $30.

Blogs I am hooked on currently:
Gal Meets Glam | Julia's blog will always be one of my favorites. I have been a long-time GMG fan, and not only do I love her outfits, but the thing I appreciate the most is the photography and the way she/her husband edit the photos they use in posts.

Fran Acciardo | Fran's blog is so cute–– one of my favorite components of her blog is the fact that she posts about fashion and food. I want to write more about health/food in the next coming months, so she's giving me some inspiration!

Damsel in Dior | Another all-time favorite. I love how Jaycee can wear mostly simple/effortless outfits and make them look like thought out, well-planned masterpieces.

Mackenzie Kendall | Mackenzie was one of the first people I followed on Tumblr, and she's adorable. I love looking at her blog because of her sunshine-like personality, and I am also super jealous of her because she lives in the San Francisco area (my second favorite city next to NYC). I love how most of her outfits have affordable components that can be styled in a variety of ways.

Brighton The Day | I am OBSESSED with Brighton's organization posts–– check out her bathroom, pantry (absolute goals), and her closet that's frankly bigger than my bedroom. It makes me want to hire a professional organizer to come categorize and color code my entire life/existence.


  1. I'd love to see a vlog at a sample sale. Atlanta doesn't really have sample sales. How do you hear about them?


    1. They are huge up here. There's an app called ShopDrop that lists every single sample sale happening in the city and the dates and locations. It's a lifesaver

  2. Aww thank you so much for mentioning me! Absolutely love the blog rebranding- it looks beautiful! :)

    Mackenzie | www.mackenziekendall.com