My Current Workout Routine

Let me preface this by saying that although I workout, I am in no way, shape, or form an expert. I also eat plenty of cheat meals, I cancel workouts sometimes, and I am not perfect. It looks like I have abs when I wake up, but after my first meal, I'm bloated. I could eat healthier, but I love fries and cookies too much. It's all about balance!

When I first moved here to NYC, I knew I wanted to get into some kind of routine workout-wise since there are so many cool classes to take and so many great places to run (I'm looking at you, FDR drive and Central Park). When we leased our apartment, we got a year free gym membership at the place in our building, but I was looking for something more motivational to really get me going.

After some initial hesitation, I purchased a ClassPass membership, and I am hooked. I signed up for 10 classes a month, which is perfect to supplement the running I do on my own time either outside or in the gym. It works out to about two classes a week, and I usually schedule them on Tuesdays and Thursdays. They also have free classes that don't take away from your 10 class limit, and I love doing those on the weekends. So far, I have tried: FlyWheel Cycling, Barry's Bootcamp, Peloton Cycling, SWERVE Cycling, Pop Physique Bar class, and a few of the freebies. SWERVE, Peloton, and Pop Physique are the ones I always have in rotation because I love them so much (you're allowed to go to the same studio 3 times within a month if you have the 10 class plan).

I have found the instructors to be super motivational in most of the classes (I nixed FlyWheel because I was so bored and I hated the music) and they really push you to your best. I honestly leave SWERVE and Peloton so happy and satisfied mentally, and most of the reason I work out is for my mental health more than my physical health.

When I am not doing a ClassPass class or I am traveling, I try to get in some cardio each day and lift some weights. For example, when I went home a few weeks ago, I was running 2 miles on the treadmill each day and following it with 20 minutes of ab exercises and then 10 minutes of arms/legs. Youtube has a ton of amazing quick ab workouts available, and this is usually where I get my inspiration. Kayla Itsines, the creator of the Bikini Body Guides workouts, also occasionally posts workout videos on her Instagram that I like to try. I honestly hate running, but it makes it a lot easier if I download a Netflix show on my phone to pass the time. Killer playlists also help, but TV really does it for me because I don't find my mind wandering as much. I will link some of my favorite YouTube exercises below! Most can be done at home, which is a bonus.

10 Minute Intense Abs Workout Routine
HIIT and Abs
10 Minute Ab Workout
15 Minute Beginner's At Home Cardio Workout
15 Minute Low Impact Cardio
20 Minute Bikini HIIT Workout
15 Minute Full Body Workout

Also, if you want to try ClassPass, here's a link for $40 off your first month. This is definitely not sponsored–– I just love being able to use the app to try new classes that kick my ass and provide motivation... and honestly, it's at an affordable price that works out to less than $15 per workout class (which is unreal because most of the places they have to offer are usually upwards of $30 per class through the studios).

I have also linked some of my favorite, inexpensive workout outfits below. It makes it easier to get motivated when you're feeling cute and fierce, you know??


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