First Signs of Fall

These photos were taken a few weeks ago on the first "real day" of fall when it was finally crisp enough to break out a sweater and jeans. I feel like I keep obsessing about the season, and until this year, I didn't understand why everyone loved fall so much because I hadn't truly experienced it myself. In the south, it stays hot until practically November and the leaves never really change. Now I get it–– the subways are no longer sweltering, you can finally walk 20 blocks without profusely sweating, and everything just feels fresher overall.

Lilla P was kind enough to send me this striped sweater, and I can see myself getting a ton of use out of it. It's comfortable and I can wear it to work, so it's a win-win situation. Lilla P makes such comfortable clothing and they have unreal customer service–– so many companies just focus on turning a profit and don't focus on their relations with people, and everyone I have talked to at Lilla P has always been so kind and quick with their responses. Companies like that are what make me happy to be a blogger and a supporter of their products!



  1. I love your stripes. The stripe variety looks so bold.

  2. This outfit is perfect. You look great Isabella, New York suites you!