Connecticut Charm

Greenwich is such a cute little town. I love taking the Metro North up there for a day to escape to true peace and quiet–– everything is so serene, and it's a great way to escape Manhattan for a while. Greenwich Ave kind of reminds me of Savannah, so it's nice to get a feeling of being home while being so far away! One look I think I have finally perfected is the "comfy yet polished" travel look. I think the key ingredients of pulling off this look are jeans that fit really well, a comfy flat or loafer, and a basic top with minimal accessories. I swear by my Madewell high waisted jeans and I have been wearing the hell out of them lately because they are incredibly well made and do not stretch.

One of my favorite stores lately is Aritizia. I recently picked up this versatile white camisole and this chevalier jacket. They make the perfect pair, and I think it would look cute to wear both pieces with the camisole tucked into a black skirt! I know I will get a ton of wear out of both the jacket and the cami. Aritizia is one of those stores I can always walk into and find something. While some items are affordable, some are a little on the pricey side, but I am willing to purchase staple/investment items from there that can be in my closet for a long time. Aritzia is unfortunately not on affiliate platforms so I linked similar items below, but you can most definitely shop the looks using the links above!


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