What Do You Wear When You Have Nothing To Wear??

I was in a panic last week–– I wanted to go to SoHo for lunch, but it was Friday of Fashion Week. I knew everyone out and about was going to look absolutely fabulous (Joe Jonas was the first person I saw when I got off the subway; it's fine), but I had no new clothes that made me feel good about myself, and on top of the clothes dilemma, I had strep throat and a fever. And I realized that was completely ok. You don't need new Vince pants or Gucci loafers to feel good. Dig into what you already own, and wear stuff in different ways than you have before. I have owned the velvet tee I am wearing above (it's hard to tell it is velvet but it is, and it is decadent) since 10th grade and I have had this bag since the 9th grade. Sometimes, I tuck stuff away and forget I have it. When I find it again, it's like a random present being thrown at me.

Sure, one day I might splurge on the things that I want, but for now, I will just hold on to my beat up Tory Burch booties that literally match nothing I own–– they are comfortable and they make my legs look great, so that's all that matters. You do you, and don't dress for anyone but yourself!


  1. love this! I'm always so tempted to go out and buy something new when I "have nothing to wear" and it's so wasteful. this is great advice