Victory Cup Fall Polo Classic

This past Saturday, Victory Cup Polo was kind enough to invite me and a few friends to their Fall Polo Classic on Governor's Island. I had never been to a polo match before and honestly didn't know what to expect, but we had a blast attending. The people watching was incredible, and although it was boiling hot outside, there was a nice breeze lingering in the air.

The unseasonably warm weather made it hard to get dressed for the event, but I decided to wear a tie back romper I picked up at Club Monaco on sale and sandals (I hate wearing wedges/heels for extended periods). I was so thankful that BMW was handing out free hats–– after an hour of being at the match, I began to get incredibly sunburnt, so the hat was a lifesaver. Also, my curls looked terrible mainly because I just cut my hair SHORT again and I have no idea how to deal with it so a hat was a must. Gotta love awkward hair phases and really strong wind. Probably the best part of the event was all of the good free food and drink samples they were giving out. I definitely took advantage of the Butter Lane cupcake station, and the Fisher's Island lemonade was so refreshing!

Also, let's talk about how cute those random kids playing with the dogs are. They were posing for photos and although it was weird to be taking photos of random children, their parents were fine with it. I have never seen such cuteness in my entire life. We probably watched the kids sit on the dogs for ten minutes, and were much more fascinated with the whole situation than the polo match going on in the background. Ha!


  1. That romper is so cute! Hope you had a great time!
    xx, Lauren |