Do Something Every Day That Scares You

This is my new motto I am trying to live by–– you might wonder how the hell to do this, especially when you're in a set routine. Routines are super nice, don't get me wrong, but getting out of your comfort zone is so SO SO important for personal growth. One of my favorite quotes is: "A comfort zone is a nice place, but nothing grows there." I really buy into this, because whenever I do something that does scare me and isn't something I would normally do, I feel amazing after (well, usually).

You don't have to go doing boldly crazy things to get out of your comfort zone. One of my favorite things to do is trying out a new workout class/studio. I get super intimidated when I don't know exactly what I am getting into, so walking into a new class with new instructors FREAKS me out. I tried Barry's Bootcamp recently, and although I used to do OrangeTheory for months (they are similar), the word "bootcamp" sent shivers down my spine. As I walked into the studio and saw all of these perfectly fit bodybuilders and modelesque women surrounding me, I took a deep breath and realized that even if I don't have a 6-pack or perfect form, it was ok, because I showed up. Simply to be there is the most important part of the practice (this is my friend Ashley's Instagram bio and I think of her every time I say it–– she's so strong, and so are you). I crushed that workout class, and I am so glad I faced my fear of trying it instead of just going to one of my spin classes I have in rotation.

Even if you're not someone who likes doing hardcore workouts, there are other ways to push yourself to be better. Doing new things can give you more confidence and it may make you feel more accomplished, which can lead to higher levels of productivity. Here are some things I would like to do to push myself in the future:

  • Climb another major mountain. I did Kilimanjaro this summer, and it was the best thing I have ever done in my life. Summiting made me "zoom out" on my life and reconsider my goals and dreams.
  • Trying to cook more. I want to learn healthier recipes instead of just heating up frozen Trader Joe's meals.
  • Train for a 10k. Right now, I can run for maybe 2 miles and then I feel like death has come over me. I want to become physically and mentally stronger.
  • Do something that sounds totally ridiculous, like trapeze yoga. Antigravity yoga is a huge craze in NYC, and although I feel like I would feel absolutely stupid upside down, maybe that's exactly what I need.
  • Volunteer for a new organization that I have never heard of. Volunteering is an amazing way to give back to the community while also meeting new people that you usually would not cross paths with.

What are some ways you have pushed yourself outside of your comfort zone? Did it work or make you feel better? Share below so other readers can be inspired by your efforts! I'd also love to read them for myself to get new ideas on how to shake things up!

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