29Rooms Photos + Video

Since last year, I had been freaking out over the prospect of going to 29Rooms–– every Instagram I had seen of it was magical, and while it was pretty cool, it most definitely had its downfalls in my opinion. I was so excited to attend that I bought a ticket in July before I was even positive that I was moving to New York. I decided to spend the whole day in Brooklyn exploring and then headed to the event 45 minutes early (my ticket said to come 30 minutes early, so I thought 45 would be overkill but I was wrong–– the line snaked around 3 blocks).

When I was in line, a Snapchat rep came up to me and gave me a pair of Spectacles to document the event. Good marketing move, Snapchat. After pairing my glasses with my phone, I headed into the 29Rooms warehouse for a few hours of magic... Except I made it through less than half of the rooms in 2 hours. Wow, guys, every single popular room had at least a 20-minute wait, if not longer. This was kind of a buzzkill, as I did not get to see the snow globe room or walk through the human car wash. There was also minimal AC, which got to be annoying as more bodies came into the warehouse.

So many girls were pushing and shoving for Instagram photos, and you were only allowed a small amount of time in each "room." I should have anticipated this, but I was wishing and hoping that the event would be filled with art lovers like me that really wanted to appreciate every room instead of turning the whole thing into a photo op. Yes, I snapped some photos (see above) but some girls were trying to go to rooms multiple times to get the perfect shot, which probably led to the insane lines. One girl screamed at a 29Rooms volunteer because the volunteer got a bad angle of her in a photo. Yikes. The redeeming quality of 29Rooms was the free ice cream I got afterward. Although it was not the fairytale experience I was hoping for, I am still glad I attended, and if I do go next year, I will drag a friend along with me so I don't have to read a book while waiting in lines. Also, maybe my vlog will be less boring because I will have learned patience by then!

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