10 Random Thoughts About Living In NYC

I've lived in the city for almost three weeks, and while every moment has been a joy, it's honestly a little overwhelming being here. I miss being able to drive, I miss my family, and I miss Publix (for all of you northerners, it's the best grocery store in the world) but this is truly my favorite city in the world and I am so glad I decided to make the move. I've had several job interviews, and one company wants to bring me in for a third interview so I'm praying that goes well! Here are a few things that have initially stood out to me about the city. Although these are all kind of random, I'm hoping this list can be informative to people that want to move here post-grad!

  1. Companies will not take you seriously and most likely won't even consider you for a job unless you have a New York City address on your resume. This sucks, but until I had secured an apartment here, not one company bothered to reach out to me. The minute I made that change on my resume, 5 companies instantly scheduled interviews with me.
  2. The extra walking does not necessarily mean you'll get in shape. Sure, I walk 5 miles a day at least, but I've also been trying all of the amazing restaurants and I am currently in search of the best chocolate chip cookie in Manhattan (honestly, Levain cookies were a tad disappointing to me). I've had to sign up for Classpass in order to get some killer workouts in, and I love it because it allows you to try so many fitness studios so you can find exactly what you like. It's amazing–– click here to try it for $40 off. I'm trying every single cycling class I possibly can–– so far, Swerve Studio is my favorite!
  3. If you move here and don't know anyone in the city, it's hard to make friends post-grad. It's not like Friends or Sex In The City. New Yorkers keep their heads down and don't go out of the way to talk to people, so you really have to push yourself out of your comfort zone to meet people. This can be exhausting!
  4. Since rent prices are insane, you'll likely have to live with roommates. I've always had one roommate, so living with three has definitely been an adjustment. I love them all, and it's really nice to always have someone to talk to, but the kitchen is impossible to keep clean and there are always dirty dishes in the sink.
  5. People don't smile at other people on the streets or say "hello" like they do elsewhere. I honestly thought this was a stereotype that probably wasn't true until I was walking today and a man said "hello" and smiled at me. For a second, I thought he was about to beg me for money until I realized he was actually just a kind person.
  6. Tons of places have a credit card minimum, which can get annoying or frustrating. I ordered a drink at the bar the other night (only wanting one), and after the drink was served to me, I was informed that there was a $20 minimum, meaning I had to order two of them. Keep in mind, one vodka soda was a whopping $18, so I had to spend $36 in order to close out my tab. Now if I plan on going out, I take cash out ahead of time to prevent this from happening.
  7. Even though one would think it's impossible to get bored here, it is totally possible. There are limitless activities at your disposal, but most of them cost money! Find the free ones, and you'll be good to go.
  8. Dollar pizza and bodegas are the absolute MVPs of NYC. You don't appreciate either nearly enough until you actually move here.
  9. Stumbling upon quiet neighborhood areas in this immense city is amazing. There's nothing better than turning down a side street and seeing a cute family in front of a brownstone with their adorable dog. Some people think it's insane to raise a kid here, but I think it would be kind of cool!
  10. I haven't had a bad meal since being here. The fact that there are quality restaurants on every corner is amazing. The list of places you'll want to try will grow faster than you can try them!

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  1. I love this! A lot of my job prospects after I graduate are in the city and Tbh I have a love hate relationship with Nyc. This is making me more open to the idea of living there!