The Perfect "Business Casual" Look

Lately, a few readers have sent messages my way asking to share more professional/business casual outfits on the blog. As I have been interviewing for a variety of jobs here in New York City to find the perfect fit, I have come to understand how important it is to dress for the job you want. I've had some interviewers tell me to come dressed business casual and some request business formal, but whatever the dress situation is, I always dread getting ready for interviews. I'm already anxious about meeting a potential employer, so it's daunting for me to put myself together and look polished for the first meeting. 

For my last interview, I was told that the office was super casual and people even wore Birkenstocks to work. I wanted to show up put together, so I used the opportunity to wear my favorite LOFT pants and a top I bought from Zara last spring. I wore slip on loafers (my new go-to since they are so comfortable yet appropriate) and brought my favorite work appropriate tote. 

I couldn't find a link to this top or these pants anywhere, so I decided to compile some look-alikes along with some of my favorite business casual pieces below. It's easy to get dressed for work in the morning once you have a few staple pieces that you can mix and match! My favorite stores to get work appropriate wear from are definitely J. Crew and LOFT. Both always have sales going on, and the quality is great!

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