New Home

Living in New York so far has been an absolute dream! I still have a lot of settling in and unpacking to do, but I have truly enjoyed every minute of being here (besides my skin breaking out from the city–– does that ever go away?). Even though I have visited the city a ton, this is the first blog post I have actually ever done here–– in the past, I have used my trips to New York as a vacation instead of shooting opportunities, but now that the Flatiron building is basically in my backyard, I am so excited to just get out and create new content for the blog.

I wore this exact outfit to a friend's birthday party in a low-key bar the other night, and I felt like it was perfect for the occasion. In the past, I have strayed from all black looks, but it just feels right here in the city. The "silky pajama top" look is in, and I found this one awhile ago at H&M for under $30. I opted to accessorize with my new red mini bag for a pop of color. Also, while we were shooting this look, Arielle Charna's (the blogger Something Navy) husband walked by and we had the biggest fan moment. 


  1. So excited to hear more about this adventure! These photos are beautiful.


  2. You're right, an all-black look is such a city thing, but it works! Especially with that red bag. xx