Decorating Small Spaces

Right now, my apartment is a mess–– we barely have furniture, my room is practically a blank slate, and my indecisive self cannot decide how to fill the white canvas that is surrounding me. New York apartments are notoriously small, and that lack of space means it's harder to decorate in a cute way while also storing everything that belongs to you. Here is some inspiration I'm currently using while configuring my room setup.

Photo via 99 Architecture
I am currently loving the minimalistic approach to bedroom decorating, and although the bedroom above isn't exactly my style, it has the right idea–– Keeping the bed simple, a small piece of art above, a plant in the corner for color, and a mirror. I still need a solid mirror in my room and some art, but I have already kept my bed simple and my nightstand goes beside it perfectly.

Photo via Damsel in Dior
I absolutely love everything about Jacey's bedroom–– I fell in love with the nightstands that she used in her space, and found a very similar one for under $150! I'll share details when I post my bedroom later, but I just appreciate how fresh and clean her room seems. I recommend going on her blog and looking at her house tour–– it's decadent.

Image via Instagram
Lately, I have been infatuated with organized shelves. I love how easy it is to use them to display books and plants without having to take up too much space. I have a wall in my room that I have no idea what to do with, and I plan on using shelves in some manner to take up space.

Image via One King's Lane
Ok so this is totally not going to happen at all, and this whole apartment design probably would bankrupt me, but you can't not love Rebecca Minkoff's apartment. I adore how she has so much color incorporated, but it's not in your face. The whole space looks so welcoming and cozy!

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  1. I love all this inspiration, I am super addicted to looking at apartment inspiration on Pinterest. I love this and can't wait how your apartment turns out. So excited to see it.

    megan //