101 Things In 1001 Days, Volume II

One of my most popular posts to date on my blog is my first 101 things in 1001 days post. A little bit of background on this type of post: these have been popular for a few years, and essentially, it's a list of 101 things you want to accomplish over the course of 1001 days.

These 101 things can be practical or total #goals moments–– really it's whatever you're wanting to do within roughly the next 2.75 years of your life. The time frame for my first list was supposed to end on October 11 of this year, but I have changed so much since penning the first list, and my goals and aspirations have changed too. For this reason, I have decided to reset the clock early. Some of the things that I want to do from the last list will carry over, but the things I no longer have an interest in or have outgrown will not be on the new list. In round one, I completed 50 out of 101 items. A good chunk of these tasks were accomplished within the last few months, especially when I was in Tanzania. Most of them I coincidentally completed in Africa without trying–– sleeping under the stars, going a day (or six) without my phone/computer, etc...

I know that a lot of huge changes are coming in my life within the next few months, and I cannot wait to attempt to complete as many of these goals as possible!

Start Date: August 4, 2017
End Date: May 1, 2020

1. Sign up for and run a 5k 
2.  Do another social media/phone detox, preferably while in nature (no electronics for 24+ hours)
3.  Give up shopping for a month
4.  Try a SoulCycle class
5.  Go alcohol-free for a month
6.  Master how to cook three classic meals and three classic desserts
7.  Fall in love (with a boy, with life, with whatever...)
8.  Go a month without using heat on my hair again
9.  Read 30 minutes before bed each night for a month
10.  Learn another language and practice it in its origin country
11.  Drink 6 glasses of water a day for a month
12.  Start eating healthier consistently
13.  Get into a workout routine and become happy with my body
14.  Run along the West Side Highway or East River Park at least 3 days a week for a month
15.  Get my Africa photography professionally printed and framed
16.  Take a few golf lessons
17.  Invest in a closet staple piece that will last me years
18.  Go a week without eating French fries
19.  Go a month without eating red meat
20.  Sign up for and run a 10k
21.  Become a morning person
22. Try something out of my comfort zone once a week for a month

NYC Bucket List
23.  Picnic in Central Park
24.  Visit 20 restaurants on my NYC restaurant list
25.  Find a local coffee shop besides Starbucks that I can enjoy and support
26.  Walk the Brooklyn Bridge
27.  Visit five new art museums
28.  Attend a New York Fashion Week event/show (29Rooms was technically a part of NYFW)
29.  Go to Smorgasburg in Brooklyn
30.  Go to the Veuve Cliquot Polo Classic
31.  Visit 20 new coffee shops (4/20)
32.  People watch outside of the MET Gala
33.  See a Broadway show
34.  Make the trek out to Coney Island
35.  Run into a famous person on the streets (Joe Jonas, Aziz Ansari)
36.  Spend an entire afternoon drinking on a rooftop with friends
37.  Drink at a hidden bar
38.  Go to all 5 boroughs 
39.  Watch the NYC marathon
40.  Go to a SNL rehearsal
41.  Find one great dive bar
42.  Celebrate Christmas at Rolf’s
43.  Party in Bushwick

44.  Travel to three new continents (Asia, Australia, and South America)
45.  Go to all 4 Grand Slam tennis tournaments (1/4)
46.  Go zip-lining and surfing in Costa Rica
47.  Visit the Chicago Skydeck
48.  Visit Greece
49.  Go to Peru and see Machu Picchu
50.  Go to Canada
51.  Go to Iceland and see the Northern Lights
52.  Go to Cape Town, South Africa
53.  Volunteer in a third world country again
54.  Visit Nantucket
55.  Visit five national parks I haven't been to before
56.  Visit Washington, D.C.
57.  Take a vacation with my blog/internet friends
58.  Go back to the Hamptons
59.  Go on a trip with my brother
60.  Hike to the top of Pike's Peak
61.  Go to Germany with my dad and see all of the places he frequented when he lived there
62.  Go to Oktoberfest
63.  Climb three new mountains
64.  Visit my brother at Ole Miss and attend a football game
65.  Go on a girl’s trip to Napa Valley

66.  Be in love with my job
67.  Start another charity project that I am passionate about
68.  Become really financially stable/independent
69.  Add another camera lens to my collection
70.  Double my blog views and following and increase my Instagram account engagement
71.  Get a promotion
72.  Write a book
73.  Start my own company

74.  Read 50 new books (I have made a list of what I have read so far here)
75.  Finish a book in one day
76.  Go to a drive-in movie theater
77.  Go apple picking
78.  Work up the courage to go skydiving
79.  Take a ski lesson 
80.  Watch 10 movies on my "I've been meaning to watch" list
81.  Watch all the best picture nominees before the Academy Awards
82.  Go to three concerts
83.  Attend a music festival
84.  Watch 10 new documentaries (2/10)
85.  Go Sailing
86.  Go on a hot air balloon ride
87.  Go on another dog sledding ride
88.  Get an astrology reading done
89.  Take a surf lesson
90.  Go whale watching again
91.  Go whitewater rafting again
92.  See an eclipse
93.  Eat at a Michelin star restaurant
94.  Learn a new sport
95.  Walk through a corn maze
96.  Buy a cool neon sign for my room
97.  Jump off a bridge
98.  Buy my parents a really cool gift for no reason
99.  Go paddleboarding again
100. Vote in a local election
101.  Come up with a third 101 in 1001 list

Total Completed: 16/101


  1. I absolutely love this post and your goals, good luck with completing them!!

  2. I love some of the items on your list, a couple months ago I started my own list after reading your first one. I am so glad I did; I feel so motivated to out there and get items on my list done and experience new things and adventure more. I am so glad that I found this, and I love all your items on your list. Thanks for always inspiring me and motivating me to see the world and photography it. Can't wait to see how your African Safari prints come out once you get them printed.
    Meg // MySprinkleofPrep.wordpress.com