10 Pieces of Advice I Wish I Had Known During Freshman Year

A ton of my readers either started their freshman year in college today or they are starting next Monday and wow, it feels like that was forever ago for me. I remember that time in my life perfectly, and while my freshman year was most definitely not ideal (and led to me transferring schools), I grew so much in that year and really changed a lot as a person. My brother starts his freshman year at Ole Miss today, and although he doesn't really read the blog, these are ten pieces of advice that I would love him and every other incoming freshman to read.

  1. Try to make friends early. No, the friends you make on the first day might not be your friends in a semester, but it's good to make connections as soon as possible. Try to take advantage of new opportunities and say "yes" as much as possible within the first days of being on campus. It might get exhausting, but you'll be thankful for those memories and new friends later.
  2. Call your parents. The newfound sense of freedom is amazing, but remember how you got there. Your parents are going through a weird time and are probably missing the hell out of you, so try to call them at least twice a week. I called my mom every single day, and it was nice to have a familiar voice to talk to.
  3. Do not take rush too seriously. It might seem like a HUGE deal, especially at some of the southern state schools (I'm looking at you Alabama, Ole Miss, and UGA), but rush week doesn't define you forever. If it goes well for you, that's amazing! You'll have new friends that will (hopefully) last a lifetime. If it doesn't, move on and don't dwell on the negative situation. There are plenty of amazing people in and out of greek life, I promise.
  4. Don't eat every meal at the dining hall, and try to implement working out into your routine early on. A lot of people do gain a ton of weight during freshman year, and this will prevent this but most importantly, you'll just feel better overall! You won't be lethargic, and you will have more bounce to your step–– I swear.
  5. Show your professors that you really care early on. Are you taking statistics first semester and you know you're terrible at math? Go in for help before your grade starts to suffer. If you show that you care, it will make a huge difference when they are grading you at the end. Take advantage of your campus' free tutoring services because they are there for a reason!
  6. Set boundaries with your roommates early on and establish rules and guidelines. I had terrible experiences with roommates freshman year and the first half of sophomore year. It was truly things out of a horror movie (I almost got tasered, and one of my roommates didn't wash her bathroom towel once the whole year). Try to agree on a reasonable bedtime and a cleaning schedule!
  7. Make sure to make "you time," whether it's an hour to go run or 15 minutes to read/meditate. There's a lot happening around you and so many people are trying to adjust and do new things, and everything seems to be moving a million miles an hour. Find peace for a few minutes and clear your head!
  8. Take responsibility for yourself and your actions. You're too old to be blaming other people for your own mistakes, so own them and move on. Each mistake you make is a platform to learn and truly improve yourself. Mistakes are not the worst thing in the world, so do not beat yourself up over them!
  9. Keep track of your money and use all of the free resources readily available for you. You're gonna want a robust savings account after you graduate, and it's never too early to start saving. Going out every night possible and blowing money on drinks and other things can get super expensive! Pregame (responsibly) before hitting bars to save cash. Take advantage of the gym on campus and don't spend unnecessary money on workout classes. Rent textbooks or buy them used instead of brand new.
  10. Cherish every single moment of college. Four years may sound like they will last forever, but in a blink of an eye, it will all be behind you and you will really miss it. I could not believe how fast it went! Take tons of pictures and videos and laugh with friends and be silly and do 

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  1. I totally agree with you that it'll go by in the blink of an eye... these are some great tips! I even wish I did some of these things my freshman year.

    Kendal // Life With Kendal