Little White Dress

I wore this outfit for doing errands the other week, as it was a comfy and understated yet chic summer look. I'm really into the whole "flowy white dress and fun slip ons" look, and these Sam Edelman loafers complimented this sundress perfectly. The day was miserably hot and humid, but this crepey sundress kept me cool and cute (at least I'd like to think)!

I kept my jewelry minimal and my hair curled to complete the look. I love loose curls, but for some reason, my hair length makes them a pain in the a-s-s to achieve. Anyone have any tips to make it easier? I burn my hands with my curling wand trying to get the back of my head every time. Yikes.


  1. I love your dress. Do you have a direct link to it?

  2. I'm not sure if you have short layers but my hair's about the same length as yours and I've had luck doing either a pony tail or pigtails really high up on my head then curling small sections from there!