V & Me

On me: Madewell top (on sale) | L'agence jean shorts | Bracelet c/o Bling Jewelry

Woah, to be honest, I forgot this post existed. Sometimes I shoot looks, draft them, and they slip through the cracks completely–– this is one of them. I am getting nostalgia looking at this, as I haven't seen Virginia in over a month. I miss being her roommate, I really do. We had some fun times in our apartment, and I miss watching football games, letting her cook for me, and when she would wake me up from the dead. It's rare to have a great roommate/best friend (trust me, I had so many shitty roommates before her).

Virginia was behind the camera for every single outfit post I did in Winter Park–– she's so talented herself, and I don't even think she realizes it. She just got into the Sotheby's Institute of Art in NYC and I am so proud of her–– it's nice to have friendships where you can honestly say that you look up to your best friend. I can't wait to visit the Big Apple and crash on her couch!

Also, thanks V for letting me borrow the Madewell top in this post, along with every other outfit you let me wear sophomore through senior year. You rock!

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