Where to Eat Around Winter Park & Orlando

This may come as a surprise to you guys, but one of my favorite things to do in my spare time is to try out new restaurants. The thing I love most about living in Winter Park is the amount of good food there is at every turn. Most of the restaurants I'm recommending below are in WP, but some are in Orlando as well. I'm so sad to be leaving WP after graduation, but I know the food will keep me coming back year after year to visit!

(All of the restaurant descriptions below correspond with the photos of the food above them, and all photos below were taken by me with my iPhone 7 plus or by my roommate, Virginia.)

For Breakfast & Coffee

New General

This is tucked away from Park Avenue on a side street, and it's definitely worth the visit. It is closed on Mondays (which is a bummer), but it's the cutest coffee and clothing shop hybrid with an amazing breakfast selection. I highly recommend the cashew yogurt and the homemade Nutella toast. The pancakes are also an amazing choice, but only available on weekends.

Barnie's Coffee Kitchen
Barnies's has amazing coffee and teas, and their breakfast is outstanding. Most of their options are healthy, but I can never resist their french toast with berry compote. Besides their french toast, I would also recommend their breakfast sandwiches and the cappuccino.


This is about a ten minute drive from Winter Park, but worth it–– especially on Sundays, when they have cinnamon rolls. They change their menu daily, but I would recommend any of their pastries and any of their breakfast dishes that they top with mac and cheese.

For Lunch

Luke's Kitchen

This is one of my new favorite restaurants located in Maitland. I was so impressed by their friendly staff and fresh food! They are open for both lunch and dinner every day, and I would highly recommend making a reservation if you plan on coming for dinner. Lunch is more quiet here. It's a really popular spot. Although their menu changes monthly, some of my favorite things I have tried so far are the chicken burger, fried shrimp and oysters, Brussel sprouts, the french fries, and the skillet cookie. My friend has ordered their crab cakes, and she says that they are excellent.

Cafe de France
Located at the beginning of Park Avenue, this French restaurant serves the best croque monsieur I have ever tasted and the crispiest frites with housemade ketchup. It is closed on Sunday and Monday, so plan accordingly.

Krungthep Tea Time
This place is extremely popular with Rollins students due to its delicious teas and unique desserts. Their sandwiches are to die for, and I would recommend the pesto chicken sandwich and the sleeping beauty brick toast.

Hamilton's Kitchen
Located inside the Alfond Inn, Hamilton's kitchen is the ideal lunch spot on a Friday afternoon. Any of their sandwiches are to die for–– I seriously always have the hardest time choosing.

For Dinner

Prato is the most amazing Italian restaurant. I eat there at least once a week, and I've never met someone who didn't enjoy it. My favorite thing on the menu is their wood fired Diavolo pizza, but all of their pasta is great too. The Italian Ice drink is so refreshing, as is the Centriolo. I especially love sitting at the bar area, as reservations are hard to come by and it's always packed. It should also be noted that Prato also offers a standout lunch menu, but it is only served Thursday through Sunday.

Ravenous Pig
I enjoy happy our at the Ravenous pig because of the different bites they offer in the bar area and the drink specials they have. The salads are delicious, and you won't be disappointed with anything you order.

Osprey Tavern
This is located in neighboring Baldwin Park, and the aesthetic of the restaurant is unparalleled. My only complaint is that it always seems to be freezing in there, so bring a light jacket. I would recommend the bolognese, the chicken, the fries (can you tell I love fries yet), and any of their desserts. They are closed on Mondays and their menu also changes frequently.

Earl's Kitchen
This is located at Millenia mall, and a perfect place to eat after a day of shopping. My favorite thing of theirs is the sticky toffee chocolate pudding. I ate it all by myself, and didn't regret one single bite.

This used to be my favorite lunch spot in the world, but sadly, they only serve dinner now. Their bolognese that is made of eight hour ragu is the tastiest, and their pizzas and steaks are good too.

Boca Kitchen and Bar
Excuse the terrible lighting in these photos that do not do the food justice. I always order the zucchini fries here, and their cobbler is outstanding. But seriously, the zucchini fries are a must and you will not be disappointed. It should also be noted that Boca has a great weekend brunch menu.

Pizza Bruno
After months of wanting to try this place, I went with a friend last week and it was not a disappointment. It's a 20 minute drive from Winter Park, but as soon as you pop a garlic knot in your mouth, you'll forget about the traffic you drove through to get there. All of their pizzas are wood fired and to die for.

*Note: I plan on updating this post and adding more photos/restaurants until I graduate. I just scratched the surface of all of the amazing restaurants that the area has to offer–– you're sure to find great eats anywhere!


  1. Thank you for sharing!! My boyfriend and I adventure a lot and we have been in Florida more recently due to his sister living there. We will definitely try some of these!
    Lauren | Pretty as a Peony

  2. The Ravenous Pig is my FAVORITE restaurant!!! My family used to live like 5 minutes from Park Avenue (now over by Oviedo) and I miss being able to go to Park Ave for food. Briarpatch is my other favorite! Love your suggestions :)

    Kendal // Life With Kendal

  3. All this food looks amazing. Se7enbites' cinnamon rolls look delicious. I need to try them. I wish I saw this post before I went to Orlando in March. I need to go back to try all this delicious food. I went to this vegan restaurant that was fantastic. I can't remember the name of it.