How to Buy High End Luxury Items on a Budget

One of the questions that I get asked the most is how to purchase luxury items when on a budget–– people are constantly wondering how to buy luxury for less than full price without compromising quality. It is completely possible to do! Finding designer bags, shoes and accessories at a discount is honestly not as tricky as it seems. Here are some ways that I have been able to save some major $ when picking out high-end pieces.

Look for pieces on websites such as Selfridges and Italist

Italist is an online boutique offering Italian luxury goods at the best price possible. It's based in Beverly Hills, but the prices are significantly better because they are in Euros, and the conversion rate to American dollars makes the prices go down. For example:

Here is the small Givenchy Antigona bag on the Neiman Marcus website, priced at $2,280. This is the standard price it usually goes for.

This is the exact same Givenchy bag, for about $1400. This is an insane price difference! Italist is 100% authentic, and I have had friends that have successfully made purchases off of their website before.

Selfridges is somewhat comparable to Italist, and is a UK department store. It should be noted that both websites don't have every brand and every product possible, but it is super easy to find some amazing, classic pieces at a price that won't hurt your wallet.

Shop around on eBay

Websites like eBay sometimes get a bad rep because transactions can turn out being shady and products sometimes are not authentic upon arrival, but if you know what to look for, you can snag some amazing things during auctions. Always make sure that you check where an item is shipping from–– I would personally only purchase items shipping within the United States because fakes usually come from Asian countries, specifically China and Hong Kong. Also, check the seller's ratings and make sure they have a few sales under their belt.

Check out RueLaLa and Gilt

Both RueLaLa and Gilt offer last season's pieces at a great price. I've bought items off of both before, and I have been extremely impressed. I saw a pink suede Gucci Dionysus bag on RueLaLa the other day for $300 off and it was super cute! Items tend to go fast on both sites, so checking them frequently for deals is recommended.

Try Poshmark

Again, my advice to using Poshmark to buy luxury is the same as using eBay–– look at the seller's ratings, and know that if the item costs more than $500, Poshmark will authenticate it for you for free! That allows for some peace of mind while shopping. I have had nothing but success with Poshmark with both buying and selling.

Browse luxury consignment websites... at your own risk

I've also heard success stories using sites like The Real Real and Bella Bag, but I have also heard bad things about both, so I am reluctant to recommend either. My biggest advice when shopping on consignment websites like this is to not purchase anything if you have any doubts at all!

I hope this post helps all of my curious readers, and as always if you have any further questions, don't hesitate to email me or drop a line in the comments.


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