Gucci Disco Review

After owning the Gucci Disco purse for over a year now and using it almost every single day (I am obsessed), I thought it would be time for me to give a comprehensive review of it. I get so many questions regarding this bag and whether it is worth the money, and I can honestly answer that question with a resounding yes. In fact, I recently talked my best friend into purchasing the red one. When we went to the Gucci store, the salesman told us that Gucci is planning on discontinuing them and replacing them with the new Marmont camera bags. If this is true, I am extremely disappointed in Gucci's decision to get rid of such a classic bag–– you do not mess with perfection! Therefore, if you have been contemplating purchasing this amazing bag, you may want to do it now rather than later!

One of my favorite things about this bag is how much it holds despite its size–– I can fit my phone, wallet, Goyard pouch, sunglasses, and sometimes, I'll even throw a Dasani water bottle in there. It still zips! the small pockets on the inside are great for stashing chapstick and other small items. Since it's a small bag, it was virtually impossible to get good photos of the inside, but the interior is a taupe canvas that is soft to the touch yet sturdy. I have thrown this bag around and like I have said, I use it almost every day, and it still looks brand new. The leather is soft and it doesn't scratch, and the hardware is still shiny.

The strap is so well made, and it's super nice that it's adjustable so you can make it different lengths depending on your height. The quality of Gucci products is unreal–– this bag is completely worth the hype and the money, although it is expensive ($980). 

Overall, I would recommend this bag highly, especially if you want to invest in a classic piece that can be used daily and that will always be in style. If you're hesitant about purchasing it because of the price, stay tuned because I will be publishing a post tomorrow about how to purchase luxury goods for less!


  1. Love this post! I have debating on getting this bag for about a year now and thank you for mentioning the employee said they might be discontinuing it, I might have to pick this up soon!

    1. Thanks! It's a definite must have in my opinion!