Exploring Nevada

For spring break, me and my friend Ashley went to Las Vegas–– girl's trip! I've always wanted to go back to Vegas with a BFF after turning 21 (it was on my 101 in 1001 list), and we had the best time! We rented a car for 2 days so we could go exploring and one of the places we wanted to check out was Seven Magic Mountains, a lovely, colorful art installation in the absolute middle of nowhere. After frolicking through the colorful rocks, we went to one of my favorite places, Red Rocks, to hike through a riverbed.

I will also be sharing our Grand Canyon pictures within the next week, so stay tuned for those! I always take my big camera on trips with Ashley, but we never use it in New York because it's such a hassle (and it's super heavy). We definitely took advantage of it this time.


  1. Loving these colorful photos!



  2. I've always wanted to go to the Seven Magic Mountains. The pictures are beautiful.