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My future home?

I'm sitting down and writing this between classes because I feel like I haven't actually talked to my readers lately–– sometimes life gets in the way and I lose track of the things I genuinely enjoy doing, blogging being one of them. 2017 started out super rough and unexpectedly, but things are slowly starting to smooth out. Usually when challenges come my way, I genuinely loathe them, but I am learning to embrace them because they make me a stronger person physically and mentally. Without going into too much personal detail, here's a rundown of what's been happening:

I started working out daily.
Granted, I've only done this for two weeks, but I think it has helped relieve my stress and I definitely fall asleep better at night. I hate working out, but I absolutely love how I feel after. I have never been a runner, and two weeks ago I couldn't even run a mile, but I got to thinking–– I am perfectly healthy and I am not completely out of shape, so what's stopping me from running a full mile? The mental aspect of it was–– it's all in your head. I made myself finish a complete mile without stopping, and it was not nearly as bad as I thought! My inspiration for starting to get back into shape was the movie Patriots Day. After watching it in theaters two weeks ago, tears streaming down my face, I thought that if Boston bombing survivors could run the marathon two years later with prosthetic legs, I can get my ass outside daily and put 3-5 miles in.

My parents came to visit (and they brought Gus!)
I'm so mad at myself for not remembering to get a family photo while they were down here, because I truly cherish every minute I spend with my parents. My mom and dad are my best friends, and they hadn't visited me at college since last year. They came 2 weekends ago and brought Gus (my dog) too and it was a blast. In the past month due to a string of unexpected life events, I have learned to cherish family more than ever. Moms and dads are so important.

I still have absolutely no idea what I'm doing after graduation.
I have applied to over 60 jobs and I still don't know what I am doing or where I am going after I graduate (which is in less than 100 days–– freaking out a little). At first, this was really stressing me out, but then I looked around and realized a ton of people were in the same situation as me. It takes time for things to fall into place, and some things you just cannot rush!

I started randomly watching Casey Neistat's vlogs with the intention of completing all 490 of them.
This is so random, I know, but I love Casey Neistat. His vlogs are so inspiring, and I especially love watching him travel with his wife and his adorable little girl. I'm over a third of a way done, and they are honestly the best to watch right before bed.

Favorite Purchases in the past month:
I have not been doing much shopping at all, but I am in love with my new Asics running shoes. These Lululemon tees are my favorite for working out, and this Lululemon jacket is so nice for wearing to class.

I took a weekend trip to California.
I cannot share much of this because it involves family issues that we are all working together to sort out, but thanks to everyone checking up on me. I'm okay–– all of us will be! If I share anything about this in the future, it will be in a format to help others that are going through the same thing, but as of now, I do not wish to share because I want to protect my family. I hope you guys understand! Speaking of California, after spending just 2 days in Malibu, I have decided that I'm about 90% sure that I want to move to the west coast after graduation. I just feel so at home out there.

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  1. Casey Neistat makes the best vlogs. I love the make it count video.