A Brand New Year

Day 1/365–– The first Selfie of 2017, complete with unintentional family matching!

Wow, am I glad for it to be 2017. I have always loved a fresh start, and seventeen is one of my lucky numbers. I have so much ahead of me this year (I am graduating in May) and I am so excited to see how everything pans out, even if I am a little terrified at the same time. As I have stated on my tumblr (new tumblr URL btw), I personally don’t believe in setting specific New Years resolutions as much as I believe in just doing your best and really applying yourself to your future, work, and career. Specificity often leads to goals not being fully completed or leads to the abandonment of them all together.

As long as I am doing my best, I will be happy with myself! That being said, I do have some areas I want to work on, broadly and not specifically speaking:

Be healthier–– physically and mentally. I would love to start making a commitment to eating healthier and being more active, and I would love to stop being so engrossed in social media/technology. I need to learn to unplug for a day and just chill.

Focus less on how many likes I am getting, and more on what I like–– When you run a monetized blog, it's easy to obsess over how many likes and views every post is getting. It gets to the point where you are taking photos not because you want to post them, but because you think they will perform well. This year, I would love to throw that out of the window and post more genuine moments and outfits that make me happy.

Appreciate everything more–– Appreciation is so underrated. Nothing makes my parents' day like telling them how much I really value what they do for me, and I need to tell them more how much of a positive impact they have made on my life. I wouldn't be anywhere today without them. They are my greatest support system.

Do one thing every month that scares me–– As they say, comfort zones are a great place, but nothing great ever grows in them. I need to take more risks with the blog/life in general, even if it means ultimately failing and learning from my mistakes.

Write a little more and take more photos–– I love my life and I would love to document it more, especially during this pivotal time in my life. I'm about to end a chapter and start a new one, and it would be really cool to have physical (as opposed to digital) memories to look back on years from now.

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  1. Thanks for sharing your goals! I can't wait to follow along your adventures in 2017!