Traveling on a Budget

I have been getting bombarded with questions lately on how I manage to travel so much and how I afford it. Traveling can be super expensive, especially when you factor in the cost of hotels, food, and airline tickets. Here are some of my tips to make it more budget friendly!

Travel when it isn't peak season: Peak season is when all the tourists go to a certain location, meaning that hotels and airlines jack the prices wayyyy up. If you want to go to the Caribbean for example, peak season is around Christmas because people are escaping the cold. To save money, explore the option of going during the hot summer months! It's just as beautiful and there are less people that you have to share an island with! Other great times to travel are right after New Year's and after spring break (in April).

Travel with a group of friends and split the cost of everything: I travel with friends sometimes and it makes things so much better–– not only do you have your besties with you, but if you share a hotel room with someone, you're only paying for half! When I was in New York this past week, I split just about everything with my friend Ashley (meals, taxis, uber rides, you name it). If you're wondering how to pay someone back, download the app Venmo. It's a lifesaver.

Start a savings account for your trip so you have a bigger budget: I knew that I wanted to shop and eat out a ton in New York, so I put all of the money I earned over the past three months into my savings account so I wouldn't spend it. When I got to the city, I transferred it into my checking account so I could spend it with my debit card.

Take public transportation if possible: The Subway doesn't bite, I promise. It's much cheaper, and it does the job quickly. Plus, you get to see the culture of whatever city you're in!

Steer away from eating near major tourist sites: Restaurants tend to jack up prices when they are close to tourist traps. Don't eat under the Eiffel Tower, walk a good five blocks away from it and then eat. Plus, you can enjoy the view.

Instead of racking up your phone bill when you're away internationally, use iMessage and FaceTime: If you have an iPhone and WiFi, you can call and text home for free using iMessage (or WhatsApp, Facebook, or GroupMe) and you can call using FaceTime audio. This is SO much cheaper than calling long distance and texting out of the country.

Spend less at home so you can afford to spend more later: If you know you're going on a vacation soon, stop eating out at home/shopping and save that money for when you leave. You'll be able to use that cash to make memories you'll never forget.

What are your tips for traveling and saving money? Do any of you guys use these methods when you travel?

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