Stripes and Southern Porches

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Sometimes I feel super lazy and I'm not in the mood to drive downtown for a photoshoot. On these days, I drag my mom outside instead and we make do with the front porch. The lighting is not as good and the front porch swing is a little rusty, but I've learned that not everything can be perfect 100% of the time. On the front porch, strangers don't stare away as my mom clicks the shutter. On the front porch, we don't have to wait for people to walk by. On the front porch, I can see my dog through the window. 

I'm going back to school in two weeks, and we are in the process of selling this house. Time flies by–– it's so weird that I have lived here for over fifteen years and my bedroom won't be my bedroom anymore! This may sound like a long rambling post leading nowhere, but my point is, enjoy the moment even if everything is not exactly how you like it. Life is short. Enjoy the front porch while you can.

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