Rush Attire

I cannot believe I went through rush three years ago! If you're a new reader, this might be surprising to you since I am not currently active in a sorority–– this is because I transferred colleges (long story), but I am a KD alum. Back then, I had no idea what to wear or what I was doing in general. Rushing is a very intimidating and scary process, and it's completely okay to be nervous. I rounded up some cute dresses, rompers, and accessories below that would be suitable for rush related activities–– just make sure to check and see what kind of outfits your school expects you to wear during recruitment! Some schools hand out t-shirts for certain days, while others do not. Other schools expect you to wear more conservative outfits while rushing, but it really all depends!

Dresses and Rompers:

Small Bags:
Jewelry: (keep this minimal as it could be distractive)

I hope this post helps with rush shopping! If you need any more suggestions, feel free to ask me for more by leaving me a message on tumblr.

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  1. Those tony bianco shoes are my absolute favorite!