Mumu at the Park

Hey, y'all! It's been awhile... I've been trying to make time to put up an outfit post for awhile, but with the 4th and good weather I've been finding myself at the beach or pool instead... or inside glued to the TV watching Wimbledon. You guys know how tennis obsessed I am! It poured rain last night and I had work today, so I finally had time to snap pre-work pics in the park right by the office. Let me tell you, the humidity today is NOT kind. I have no idea how many of my readers live in the deep south, but it's one of those don't-even-bother-straightening-your-hair days. Now that my keratin treatment has worn off, I've kind of embraced the messy hair thing. 

I've owned this dress and these espadrilles for awhile, but I never thought of pairing them together until this morning. I usually wear white jeans to work, but mine were nowhere to be found so I threw on this comfortable tunic dress instead.

If any of y'all ever end up in Savannah, Johnson Square has great lighting on a semi-sunny day for taking photos! This is where these were shot.

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