What's Your Agenda?

I love getting a new agenda for the new school year–– there's nothing better than being organized and stylish at the same time while also getting a fresh start! This post was highly requested by my readers, and it seems that y'all love organization as much as I do! For some, choosing an agenda is stressful, so I have rounded up some of my favorites (and I'm sharing what agenda I'm using this year)!

1. Kate Spade agenda
2. Ban.do agenda (smaller sized)
3. Lilly Pulitzer agenda
4. Ban.do agenda (larger sized)
5. Simplified planner

As far as planners go, I have only really used Lilly Pulitzer, Kate Spade, and Ban.do agendas. Out of those three brands, I personally prefer Ban.do because they are less expensive, I like they layout, and I think that they have the most adorable designs. 

Lilly makes great, durable agendas with colorful designs and cute stickers. The layout and flow of them is great too, and they also have a lot of cute pages to plan vacations and other activities on.

Kate Spade agendas were somewhat underwhelming to me–– I got one of the gold foil ones sophomore year of college, and the design rubbed off almost completely after one month of use. I even kept it in a separate pocket of my backpack to prevent this from happening. Despite that design flaw, I would still recommend checking them out because they are perfect for working ladies–– the design of them is more professional and muted (just steer away from the gold foil designs).

For those reasons, I am using agenda #2 this year! Even though it's the smaller one, it is seriously the perfect size. It's big enough to write everything down in, but small enough that it perfectly fits into a tote or backpack without unneeded bulk.

Last year, I used the Ban.do "I am very busy" planner (2017 version here) and I got endless compliments on it. Me and my best friend Ashley had matching ones (and the matching pencil cases–– nerdy, we know). This year, we are planning on matching again–– you would seriously never guess that we are seniors in college. 

I also included the Simplified Planner in this post because I have heard nothing but positive reviews regarding it! Other great agenda brands I've heard of are Erin Condren life planners and the Day Designer. What agenda do you plan on using this school year?


  1. I love that pineapple agenda!
    xo, Syd

  2. I love the agenda you chose! I've stuck with Kate Spade for the past couple years, and they worked really well for me. Great round up, girl!
    -Anna | www.fivefootandfabulous.com