Packed Party in Paradise

I was SO excited when Lindsay from the Packed Party team offered to send me a package to share with y'all on the blog–– I've been following PP since the start and I've been obsessed with Truman the Bernese Mountain dog (he frequents the PP insta, a must follow–– he belongs to Jordan, the amazing woman behind Packed Party).

I've sent Packed Party boxes to friends before as birthday gifts, and I personally believe the idea is totally genius! All of my buddies love getting the boxes because the contents vary, so it's almost always a surprise. This time, the PP team sent myself the "You pampered thing, you" box, so I naturally had to bring it to Islamorada with me. Nothing is better than feeling pampered by the pool! I was pleasantly surprised by the box contents–– I have already used the deep conditioner and it is to die for!

I urge everyone to check out the Packed Party website and Instagram!

(Also, my one piece can be found here for those wondering)

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