It's Okay For Your Style to Change

Since I started YIP three years ago, I would say my style has evolved a ton. I no longer wear bow belts and I usually don't think to pull Lilly Pulitzer out of my closet as a first choice (although if you do that, there's absolutely nothing wrong with that). My closet has also gone from being 90% J. Crew to about 20% J. Crew.

Why has my style changed? I realized that quality is more important than wearing name brands, and I also decided to start dressing to reflect my personality rather than dressing to try to fit in. It's more important to invest in high quality clothing that will stand the test of time rather than buying something that has a popular logo on it. I still have 20 or so Ralph Lauren button downs hanging in my closet for days that I feel like dressing the way I used to, but as of now, I would rather reach for white jeans and a unique Club Monaco top.

I've been receiving emails and comments asking if I plan on changing my blog name to reflect these changes, since I don't necessarily dress "preppily" anymore, but I'm planning on keeping it YIP for now–– the name is a reflection of how far I've come. Your style is supposed to evolve, change, and grow as you do–– it's intrinsic.

As a college kid, I find myself gravitating towards practicality over popularity, and I have noticed that a ton of my peers have elected to do the same. It's the perfect time in my life to start building a functional wardrobe of high quality, unique pieces (while still keeping them fun). These days, before I buy a piece, I ask myself how many times I will actually wear it. I don't think I have worn the items in the 2014 and 2015 photos since I took those pictures, but the top and jean shorts and the spotted romper from the 2016 photos have been worn so many times. This is because I truly feel myself when I wear these things, and I feel that they accurately reflect my personality!

The point is, if your style is slowly changing, don't freak out. Go with it. Embrace the growth. That's what I have done, and I am happier than ever. Blog posts don't feel as forced, and taking better photos comes more naturally because I am happy and comfortable in what I am wearing.

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  1. I love this post! I've gone through a lot of the same changes since starting college this past year! There is nothing wrong with your style changing, I think it feels refreshing.

    Jordan @