One With Nature

My friend showed me the most lovely little park to shoot at the other day–– I especially loved all of the leafy trees and the vibrantly green grass. So many other people were getting their photos taken as well, so it must be a quite popular spot.

I have had this tie dye chambray Splendid dress for months but I never got around to shooting it. It's one of my favorite dresses, and it is so easy to slip on in the mornings and just go.

I didn't realize how truly pale I was until I was looking at these photos, and I cannot wait until the sun comes out so I can get some Vitamin D! Plus, warm weather outfits are always much cuter.


  1. I love this outfit- it's such a great spring transition look. Tie Dye is the best!

    Mackenzie |

  2. So cute, love that tie dye dress! That park looks lovely, I'm sure it's a nice place to visit and shoot!
    xx, Mikkaela
    Southwest Prep

  3. Just YAS, girl! This outfit is so simple and cute.

    Jasmine | The Sixth Disney Princess

  4. ugh it looks so nice and warm where you are! So jealous!
    Miss Olivia Says

  5. Those booties are so cute! I love this dress!

    Mikayla | A Seersucker State of Mind.

  6. I love the boots! The shooting spot where you took the pictures looks gorgeous as well!

    -Macy // Peonies & Passports