How To Improve Your Blog Instagram

Running a blog instagram is actually harder than one would think! There are the issues of making sure all of your posts are somewhat cohesive, posting consistently, creating nice captions, and editing the photos themselves. Here are some tips I have for y'all to help you improve your blog instagram.

Keep it consistent: Posting consistently is very important. I try my best to post once a day, but if I am very busy, I will at least post three times a week.

Pick a good time: Interestingly enough, the best time to post in the USA is at 5PM Eastern Standard Time on a Wednesday. I typically post between 6-10PM because I find most of my followers are active then. I also occasionally post around 10AM when people are waking up and checking their phones.

Find the right filter: I use VSCO and Afterlight to edit my photos. I try to edit them all in a somewhat similar manner so they go together on my profile!

Know what your followers like to see: Look at your best posts from 2015 using this website and use them to improve this year! In 2015, y'all especially liked my tennis court outfit and my apartment bedroom post!

Use appropriate tags: Tagging your photos can be helpful, but only use ones that relate to your photo, and by all means do not overtag. Using more than 3-5 tags in my opinion is overdoing it.

Respond to comments: This shows followers that you like hearing their feedback and that you care!

Show the love: If you are following someone and you really like their post, comment on it! In the future, they may return the favor and give you feedback, which is helpful!

Check your instagram inbox and respond to questions: Admittedly, I will sometimes forget to check mine and so many questions will pile up and I will feel bad. I am trying to get this under control lately!

I hope these tips help y'all some! I started out 2015 with around 500 followers and my instagram did much better last year than I thought it would. I truly attribute its success to these tips and tricks!


  1. Dear Isabella,
    Very good advice as always and so clear. Thanks!

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  3. This is so helpful! My blog's instagram actually sucks so I definitely need to improve it this coming year! Also whoops I commented before with the wrong account ^^
    Miss Olivia Says

  4. What filters do you use on vsco? I'm currently using the "A" group and want to branch out!