Fur Real

It was absolutely freezing this weekend (well, for Florida). This Joie vest kept me somewhat toasty during 40 degree weather, but shooting this look was a disaster with the whipping 25mph winds. After shooting, my friends and I went home, changed into sweatpants, and watched The Proposal while wishing that Florida apartments had fireplaces. 

I hope everyone stayed safe this past weekend during winter storm Jonas! I personally hate the cold unless it's snowing, so I would have rather been up north. Sidenote: If you haven't seen the people skiing through Times Square or the kids sledding down the steps of the Lincoln Memorial in DC, you need to watch the videos. That is my ideal snow day fun!


  1. That vest looks so comfy & warm!!!
    Miss Olivia Says

  2. What a stunning look! I love your boots and white pants combination, but the fur vest really goes well with it. Super photography too: real portraits and you look so happy. This is a great post for a cold, wet, windy, grey day here in Scotland. It has lifted my spirits! Thanks for that too. xxx Rowan

  3. I absolutely obsessed with this outfit. I think this is my favorite winter outfit of yours yet! I'm obsessed with the white pants + the fur jacket. So cute!

    Mackenzie | www.mackenziekendall.com