Frolicking With Friends

This past weekend, I dragged Phillip and Virginia along with me to do outfit photoshoots. Virginia is always with me for those because she takes the photos, but this was Phillip's first time tagging along. He actually picked out my outfit from my Monday post this week!

It was frigid during this shoot, and the wind was so bad that we couldn't help but goof off and not be serious. As a result, less outfit photos were taken and more friendship pictures were snapped. I couldn't stop laughing the entire time we were taking these.

Camp YIP

I've been working on this for awhile, but I am so happy to announce that my collaborative charity project with Kiel James Patrick has finally launched! For y'all wondering exactly what Camp YIP is, me and a group of blogger friends were joking around one night that we wanted to start a summer camp like Kiel James Patrick had so we could have an excuse to dress up and take photos and have fun. We made an Instagram post and Kiel noticed it and we decided to do a charity collaboration.

I think me and the “camp YIP counselors” essentially decided that we had a large online presence and we could use it for good instead of just posting pictures of ourselves. We wanted to give back while being able to blog about fashionable things.

Kiel decided to donate bracelets to the cause–– 100% of the proceeds from the sales of the Camp YIP bracelet will benefit the Little Star Foundation, which helps kids with cancer go to summer camp every year.

I decided to choose the Little Star Foundation because it means so much to me. As a kid, I used to help out with their summer camp sessions that they held for children with cancer. My aunt is very involved in SLR and one of our good family friends started it. She has done so much for people and she truly deserves for her organization to get the proceeds.

You can purchase the limited edition Camp YIP bracelet at! If you would like to make a donation without purchasing a bracelet, there's an option for that too.

Cozy Yet Colorful

Similar shirt | Jeans | Similar shoes | Necklace

Happy Wednesday! This week has been so busy for me, but I have been in a cheerful mood despite it all. I try to wear fun colors to make winter days more fun and less blah. I love adding pops of brightness by accessorizing with a fun necklace like this Mignonne Gavigan necklace! I also decided to wear my fun Vince slip on sneakers. I tend to wear them year round.

I hope everyone is having a good week so far. What do y'all wear to put yourselves in a cheery mood during colder months?

Fur Real

It was absolutely freezing this weekend (well, for Florida). This Joie vest kept me somewhat toasty during 40 degree weather, but shooting this look was a disaster with the whipping 25mph winds. After shooting, my friends and I went home, changed into sweatpants, and watched The Proposal while wishing that Florida apartments had fireplaces. 

I hope everyone stayed safe this past weekend during winter storm Jonas! I personally hate the cold unless it's snowing, so I would have rather been up north. Sidenote: If you haven't seen the people skiing through Times Square or the kids sledding down the steps of the Lincoln Memorial in DC, you need to watch the videos. That is my ideal snow day fun!

Going Out

This is one of my favorite "going out" looks! Whenever I go out with my friends at night, I tend to wear darker colors and my knee high boots, especially if it's winter. I got this silk Joie top for less than $60 thanks to a Saks outlet sale, and I think it pairs perfectly with my leather jacket and Stuart Weitzman boots. I have linked an incredibly similar one above that is equally as adorable!

Sweaters and Stan Smiths

It was soooooo cold when taking these photos (which is probably why I am not smiling). I cannot rave enough about the Adidas "Stan Smith" sneakers. I had been hunting for a pair in my size for awhile, and I finally stumbled upon some while I was home for Christmas break! You've also seen this sweater on YIP before but in the color Quartz. It's my favorite from Club Monaco, and it was on sale so I had to snatch it up in this color as well. It is super warm, and although it's a tiny itchy, it can be fixed by layering a long sleeved tee underneath.

Layering in the Winter

As the temperatures drop outside, I love to layer–– my all time favorite combo is throwing a vest under a jacket. This way, there is less bulk in the sleeves but you are still keeping warm! I just purchased this Barbour the other day after one of my hometown stores had a major sale. It is quickly becoming my favorite jacket because it is seriously comfortable and not too heavy.

I paired it with my chocolate brown Hunter boots (although I am seriously considering putting them on eBay and buying a glossy red pair; tell me in the comments what you think about this).

How do y'all keep warm in the winter?

Winter With Charles River

This quarter zip pullover from Charles River is by far my favorite that they have sent me. It is definitely the softest, and it is lightweight enough on its own that I can wear it year round! I take it to dinner, the movie theater, the library, and I keep it in my car because I get cold so often. It is also perfect for layering in chilly temps!

*This post is sponsored by Charles River Apparel. All opinions are my own!*

How To Improve Your Blog Instagram

Running a blog instagram is actually harder than one would think! There are the issues of making sure all of your posts are somewhat cohesive, posting consistently, creating nice captions, and editing the photos themselves. Here are some tips I have for y'all to help you improve your blog instagram.

Keep it consistent: Posting consistently is very important. I try my best to post once a day, but if I am very busy, I will at least post three times a week.

Pick a good time: Interestingly enough, the best time to post in the USA is at 5PM Eastern Standard Time on a Wednesday. I typically post between 6-10PM because I find most of my followers are active then. I also occasionally post around 10AM when people are waking up and checking their phones.

Find the right filter: I use VSCO and Afterlight to edit my photos. I try to edit them all in a somewhat similar manner so they go together on my profile!

Know what your followers like to see: Look at your best posts from 2015 using this website and use them to improve this year! In 2015, y'all especially liked my tennis court outfit and my apartment bedroom post!

Use appropriate tags: Tagging your photos can be helpful, but only use ones that relate to your photo, and by all means do not overtag. Using more than 3-5 tags in my opinion is overdoing it.

Respond to comments: This shows followers that you like hearing their feedback and that you care!

Show the love: If you are following someone and you really like their post, comment on it! In the future, they may return the favor and give you feedback, which is helpful!

Check your instagram inbox and respond to questions: Admittedly, I will sometimes forget to check mine and so many questions will pile up and I will feel bad. I am trying to get this under control lately!

I hope these tips help y'all some! I started out 2015 with around 500 followers and my instagram did much better last year than I thought it would. I truly attribute its success to these tips and tricks!