Atlanta Beltline

Similar vest | Sweatpants | Tank | Similar Sneakers | Sunglasses | Similar jacket

I spent Thanksgiving in Atlanta with my friend Virginia (we are practically sisters at this point) and her family! After our Thanksgiving feast, we decided to take her dogs and walk off the calories we consumed on the Beltline. It was so much fun and I definitely suggest y'all check out the Beltline if you're ever in Atlanta. I usually make it to Atlanta at least once or twice a year but I had never walked the Beltline before, so I am glad I got to experience it.

Thanksgiving Outfit Inspiration

Happy Monday! Thanksgiving is rapidly approaching, so I thought that I would share some turkey day outfit inspiration with you guys! Whether you are casually hanging out with family or attending a fancy feast Gossip Girl style, the outfits below should serve as inspiration.

...or you could wear sweatpants with an elastic waistband (these are my faves). That's always a comfy option that allows you to eat whatever you feel! What are your Thanksgiving plans? I am headed to Atlanta to enjoy Thanksgiving with my roommate! 

Transitioning into Fall

Fall came wayyyy late here in Florida, but I am so glad that it has arrived (for the most part). I decided to transition into fall this year by dying my hair darker–– I've been wanting to go back to my natural color for a long time, and I am trying to do so slowly! It was fun being a blonde, but it was such a hassle to maintain.

Madison Reed emailed me this little guide to share with any of y'all who are considering going darker for the cooler months. You can also take this color quiz to see what color suits you best! I love taking quizzes like that and I find them so interesting! I was pleasantly surprised with my results and thought the color they chose for me almost perfectly matched up with the hair color my stylist gave me.

Changing hair colors can be scary, but it's also so much fun! The best part is that it's just hair and it always grows back. How do y'all transition into fall/winter? Feel free to share in the comment section below!

The 2015 Holiday Guide

The most wonderful time of the year is here! I have rounded up all of my favorite holiday outfits and gift ideas for him & her. Let me know what you think and feel free to add gift ideas in the comments below!

Row Two: Rachel Zoe Fit and Flare Dress |  Kate Spade Bow Dress | For Love and Lemons Dress

Row One: Tommy Hilfiger Cableknit Sweater | Lisi Lerch Tassel Earrings
Row Two: Jennifer Zeuner Monogram NecklaceTory Burch "T" Tote | Stuart Weitzman Suede Boots
Row Three: Dyptique Candle | Kate Spade WatchBaublebar x Gal Meets Glam Print

Row One: Daniel Wellington Watch, J Crew Tie
Row Two: Needlepoint Golf Hat | Will Goods Leather Wallet | Barbour Flask
Row Three: Beats Pill Speaker | Needlepoint Keychain
Row Four: Gucci Horsebit LoafersLL Bean Boots

Row One: Emi Jay Hair Ties | Deborah Lippman Nail Lacquer | 2016 Agenda
Row Two: Hustle Coasters | "I Did My Best" pouch | Small LL Bean leather handle Boat and Tote
Row Three: Kendra Scott Ring | Personalized Whisky Decanter Set
Row Four: Henri Bendel key fob | Tory Burch Fitbit Bracelet
Row Five: Neiman Marcus Leather Passport Holder

Fringe @ Fort Pulaski

I went home with this weekend and my roommate tagged along–– we decided to take photos at Fort Pulaski. It was so nice to be able to dress in fall clothing and experience 60 degree temperatures this weekend! I was getting sick of the muggy Florida weather and the little trip was exactly what I needed. I wore this poncho from Mango and it was so comfortable and the perfect piece for layering. I would highly recommend it!

Balancing Schoolwork & Your Social Life in College

One of the hardest things to learn as a freshman in college is time management. It is a daunting task, especially when you are meeting new people and there are costume frat parties basically every day of the week. Oh, and don't forget thirsty Thursdays, and that formal that you got invited to. Add in that you are sleep deprived, in need of exercise, and having issues learning how to study for college level classes, and all of this leads to you probably feeling like a sleep deprived monster that has no idea how to function. The good news? It honestly isn't that hard to manage everything, especially if you're devoted to balancing everything out and making things work.

You've probably seen a version of this chart before–– you know, the one that basically says that you cannot have it all in college. You can have it all, though! No, I am not joking. Here are some tips on how to make time for everything. That's right, you can make good grades and have time for Netflix and friends. Rejoice!

Buy a planner.
Seriously, we are already more than halfway though the semester, so if you do not have a planner you need to pick one up ASAP. If you write everything down (assignment due dates, meetings, commitments you've made), it makes life 100% easier.

Keep your room clean.
It may sound like this has nothing to do with time management, but if you have a clean room, your life will feel much more in order. You will also be less distracted and less likely to crawl back in bed during the day if it's made.

Set aside a study day.
Mine is Sunday–– I will sleep in, get lunch, and then go to the library for a solid 5-6 hours to work on assignments and study for upcoming quizzes and tests. It is amazing how much you can accomplish in 5 hours if you really devote yourself to schoolwork. If you don't want to spend a day of your weekend studying, another great option is scheduling your classes so you have a day completely free. One of my friends has no classes on Thursday, and this gives her a good amount of time to work on stuff before the weekend.

Pick and choose which social events you're going to attend.
You do not have to go to everything. Do not go to everything. No one cares if you miss one party, and you can use that night to catch up on sleep and have some well deserved "you" time.


Get at least 7 hours of sleep a night.
The more well rested you are, the better you will function throughout the day. This means that you'll pay attention in class better, possibly resulting in better grades.

Get exercise.
Please do yourself a favor and get some exercise. Take a class offered in the gym on campus, or get outside and get some fresh air. Exercise is a major stress reliever, and you will sleep more soundly at night. It'll also help keep the freshman 15 away.

Treat yourself.
Every once in awhile, do something good for yourself. Get a mani/pedi, buy a new book from the bookstore, or see a movie. Your brain needs a break too.

Use your free time wisely.
If you have 45 minutes to yourself, use it wisely. Think about what you really need. If you are sleep deprived, take a quick nap. If you have a quiz later, use the time to study. If you're feeling disorganized, use this time to tidy up and plan out your week!

Ask for help.
If you are overwhelmed in a certain class, go to the teacher's office hours. Teachers love when you do this because it shows that you care about the class/your grade!