How To: Hang The Perfect Gallery Wall

Gallery walls are the perfect way to adorn a plain wall with multiple whimsical prints. A ton of y'all have been emailing me and messaging me asking how to hang a gallery wall, so I have decided to share a few tips! 

When creating your gallery wall, pick one of the approaches below:

Option #1: Stick to the same frame color for most of the wall
By doing this, you eliminate the look of clutter. I chose to use mostly white frames (with a couple of gold thrown in), and I feel that the white frames tied all of the prints together. This gives you more freedom to choose whatever prints you want and hang in any manner you please.

Option #2: Stick to the same color scheme when choosing prints
If you do this, you have more freedom with frame selection without things looking too crazy. One of my favorite combos is using prints with primarily pink + blue + gold tones in them and then using a mixture of colored frames and gold frames (example here).

Option #3: When hanging prints, stick to a symmetrical approach
I'll admit that I had no plan of how I was going to hang my gallery wall. I didn't even use a level to make sure things were straight (whoops). I hung my Gray Malin print in the center, and then worked around it to create a somewhat symmetrical pattern that complimented my headboard shape. This allows you more freedom in frame choice and print selection without things looking too crazy.

If the thought of creating your own gallery wall still intimidates and terrifies you, this website offers some good tips on how to create the perfect gallery wall.

If you would like to see how I created a mini gallery wall in my dorm room last year, here are photos of that!

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  1. This post is perfect! I'm starting a gallery wall in my living room and these tips are just what I needed.