Long Island Boards

When I was in Long Island, me and my friends had planned on paddleboarding but we ran out of time there to do so. My friend Grace interns for this awesome company called Long Island Boards and they have some really neat boards (I love paddleboarding and I totally want one)!

When Grace sent me these pictures of her on one of the boards yesterday, I decided to share them with y'all! You guys can check out Long Island Boards at www.longislandboards.com and on instagram @longislandboards!


  1. That looks so much fun! (I can see myself falling now haha). Gonna have to try that the next time I visit my friends in Long Island.


  2. Looks great, I went paddleboarding when I was in Hawaii and loved it!
    xx, Mikkaela
    The Southwestern Prepster

  3. This is adorable! I went paddle boarding once in Hawaii, but this inspires me to maybe try it at home!


  4. This looks so much fun! I've never gone paddle boarding but this makes me want to try it!

    Anika [hej + bonjour]

  5. I'm so jealous, I have wanted to go paddle boarding for forever!

  6. Paddleboarding is one of my favorite things to do during summer! I go all the time when I'm in Florida :)


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