Shirt Splendid (I'm wearing a kid's size 16) | Jeans Loft (similar) | Shoes Jack Rogers (similar)
 Necklace Etsy (similar)

When I was in California, I picked up this adorable flamingo shirt at Splendid. Suprisingly, it still fits even though it's from the kid's section. Splendid is one of my absolute favorite stores–– they have the best basics, and everything is really soft!

I have not worn my orange Jack Rogers sandals in a long time (that I scored for $50 at Saks off Fifth), but I thought they paired adorably with this top. It's a super summery outfit, and it's really comfortable on hot days.

My Fave Tee

Shirt Mango | Shorts Zara (similar) | Sandals Joie | Sunglasses Ray-Ban  
Necklaces Kendra Scott & Jill Michael (similar)

I picked up this adorable Mango tee when I was in NYC last weekend. It is so comfortable and it was relatively inexpensive for being such good quality. I had never shopped at Mango before, but I can tell that I will return in the future!


White jeans J. Crew | Bag c/o Sloane RangerTop Lilly Pulitzer | Belt no longer available (similar)
Sandals Jack Rogers | Sunglasses Illesteva  | Watch Rolex (similar)

I purchased this top from Lilly Pulitzer 2 years ago and just got around to wearing it for only the second time. My friend Ashley wore it with white jeans when we were in New York and I thought it looked adorable so I decided to do the same. I paired it with my adorable Sloane Ranger Bucket bag and new Illesteva sunnies (seriously obsessed with this brand so check them out)! I hope y'all have had a great week:)

How To Take Outfit Photos

Taking blog/outfit photos is not easy, especially if you don't have a professional photographer following you around! I certainly don't have one, but I have great friends and family that volunteer as tribute and put up with me during shoots. Here is how I suggest fixing the problems y'all may have while taking pictures!

The Problem: You have no one to take your photos

The Solution: Purchase a tripod and remote for your camera! A lot of bloggers do this. If you don't have someone around that is willing to take pictures for you, invest in a tripod and then you'll be able to take your blog photos whenever you want. If the remote seems obvious in your photos, pose in a manner that hides it.

The Problem: You don't know how to pose for photos

The Solution: It takes a ton of practice. Try to act as natural as possible so photos don't seem over-posed. Candid shots are great. It takes time to get this stuff down, but with every photo shoot you'll see your poses improving. If you don't want to seem stiff, move a little! Sometimes I walk around while shooting and my mom keeps snapping photos. Relax and you'll be fine, I promise!

The Problem: You want to shoot in public but hate it when people are watching you

The Solution: Take photos early in the morning! I take mine at the park before work because less people are around at 8:30am. Bonus–– the lighting is also better at this time rather than at noon.

The Problem: The lighting is off in photos because the sun is too harsh

The Solution: Shoot during Golden Hour if possible. Don't know when Golden Hour is? Look here and it will tell you exactly when it starts depending on your location.

The Problem: Your photos are not as "high quality" as you'd like them to be

The Solution: Invest in a DSLR camera. If you already have one but still are not satisfied, I recommend checking out a 50mm 1.8 lens. I use that lens with my Canon DSLR and LOVE it.

The Problem: You have nowhere "pretty" or "scenic" to take photos

The Solution: Shoot outside in front of a cool looking wall! I love posing in front of white walls downtown because my outfit pops against them.

The Problem: You shoot in auto and your photos are overexposed or underexposed

The Solution: Do not, I repeat do not, shoot in auto ever. Shoot in manual and adjust the shutter speed/ISO/aperture as needed. Take test shots and work from there! Don't know how to adjust these? Youtube has excellent tutorials!

Hopefully this helped y'all out a little! If you have any blog photography related questions, don't hesitate to email me or drop a line in my tumblr ask box. I am always happy to answer questions!

Long Island Boards

When I was in Long Island, me and my friends had planned on paddleboarding but we ran out of time there to do so. My friend Grace interns for this awesome company called Long Island Boards and they have some really neat boards (I love paddleboarding and I totally want one)!

When Grace sent me these pictures of her on one of the boards yesterday, I decided to share them with y'all! You guys can check out Long Island Boards at www.longislandboards.com and on instagram @longislandboards!


If you don't follow me on tumblr or instagram or snapchat (or if you fell off the face of the earth), then you might not have seen that I got Yep, it's Prep stickers made! I am so happy with how they turned out! If you want to order one, all you have to do is email me  (yepitsprepblog@gmail.com) with which ones you want and how many and I will send you a PayPal invoice. They are going quick so get them while you can!

If you have already ordered your yepitsprep stickers, show me how you have decided to use them on instagram with the hashtag #stuckonyep. I plan on sharing my favorite pics on insta and tumblr.

I hope all of y'all are having a great week!

A Weekend in New York

Hey y'all! I have been absent for the past week because I was spending time in New York with my friends Ashley and Grace (from Rollins). I honestly planned on shooting outfit photos while gone (especially in the city), but then I decided that I needed a little break! I LOVE blogging, but it's nice to not worry about it for a few days. Since I didn't take any outfit photos, I have decided to share some of the iPhone pics that I snapped along the way!

Happy Hour, Long Island style

Just your typical touristy Empire State Building shot

Ice pops on the High Line are a must–– this was one of the best ones I've ever had

Breakfast at Sarabeth's

Long Island sunsets are gorgeous

The 9/11 memorial was truly breathtaking

TAO has AMAZING food/drinks and a great atmosphere

My new Illesteva sunnies–– I recommend checking out their store in SoHo

Candid shot on Cooper's Beach in the Hamptons
This 912 gal in the 212
Going to the Hamptons was definitely a trip highlight
Sorry to drift away from how I normally post about vacations, but I just needed a break from having to be camera ready. The past 4 days were so fun and stress free for me and it was exactly what I needed! I will be back with outfit posts later this week! :)

Pretty in MinkPink

Dress MinkPink | Bag Madewell | Shoes Joie | Necklace Loren Hope

This sun dress has quickly become one of my favorites. It is so light and comfortable, and it keeps me cool even on days when the temps are in the triple digits! I decided to pair it with my favorite strappy Joie sandals, my mom's Madewell tote (I think I need to get one soon), and my favorite Loren Hope necklace that I acquired through Rocksbox (try one month free with the code "yepitsprepxoxo).