Aruba 2015 (video)

Hey, y'all! I finally found enough time to make my Aruba video and here it is! It's nothing fancy since it's my first GoPro + iMovie video, but I gave it a shot! I hope you enjoy my running-around-a-desert-island-with-no-makeup-on-and-a-selfie-stick look.


  1. That video is so cool! I think my next big splurge will be on a GoPro, there are too many times I wish I had one!

  2. I absolutely love this! I need to get a GoPro because I love filming and I get to travel quite a lot this year :)

    I also love the music, and your "no makeup" look! You are beautiful girl!

  3. It is so beautiful there! I love this video. Go Pros are so cool. I am glad you had lots of fun!

    Mikayla |

  4. Ah! So beautiful! Love this!
    XO and Stay FAB! ~ Stormie